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Write for 4W

Paid writing for women at all levels of experience

4W is always looking to expand our base of contributors. If you're a radical, gender-critical, or "fourth wave" feminist with a story to tell—we want to hear from you!

(Note: we only accept female writers, and only allow publication under a pseudonym in unique cases. Please let us know in advance if you plan to write under a pseudonym to discuss if this is the right fit for us).


We pay a base rate of $20 for quick news, and $40 for original news and opinion pieces. Depending on the amount of research required for the story, we may be able to offer up to $150 for deeply-reported stories.

We pay via Paypal, so you will need to provide us with your Paypal email. If Paypal is not available in your country, we may also pay via Wise or crypto. You will be sent your payment within 30 days of the post being published.

Sometimes, we will not be able to accept an article for commission due to budget limitations or because it does not fit our editorial standards. In these cases, authors may still have the opportunity to publish their article on the site for free if they wish.

What We’re Looking For

Send an email to the appropriate department with this subject line: "4W Pitch: [Headline of your Article]".

While we focus on the issues impacting women globally like male violence, the sex trade, gender identity, and war, we are also looking for stories that include something positive — whether that is profiles of women who are fighting back, reporting on wins for the feminist movement in different countries, or how women are banding together to help each other.

We are currently seeking submissions of original news reporting, analysis, opinion/commentary, and personal essays. We do not currently accept fiction, short stories or art-based submissions.

Read about the difference between News, Analysis, and Opinion:


Contact: [email protected]

We are seeking original reporting on the issues impacting women globally. We are especially looking for stories about women who have been ignored in the mainstream, whether that’s due to “cancellation” or systems of oppression like patriarchy, class, race, or war and geopolitical conflict that lead to their voices being silenced.

Original reporting should include research, interviews with sources, and maintain an objective/neutral tone.

Here is an example of original reporting we liked:

Ukrainian Women in Womb Rental Industry Facing Unique Challenges after Russian Invasion
Some women were left behind when the babies they gestated were taken abroad, others have been asked to travel with a newborn to another country.


Contact: [email protected]

Analysis looks at the news and current events and draws expert conclusions based on the facts. The goal of analysis is to provide interpretation, explanation, and context to the news. It should not veer into opinion, but should rely on the evidence to support its claims. Analysis writers should have some sort of expertise or background in the topic.

Here is an example of analysis:

An Epidemic of Misinformation: Murder Rates and the Transgender Population
Trans-identified people actually have a lower murder rate.


Contact: [email protected]

We are looking for interesting opinions from women that the mainstream media ignores. Opinion pieces should bring something new — a hot-take that hasn’t been widely published, a fresh perspective on an old conversation, or a feminist spin on the current zeitgiest.

Here is an example of an opinion article:

World Hijab Day Ignores the Enforcement of Veiling
Some women can’t choose NOT to wear a hijab.

Here is an example of commentary:

How Many Western Feminists Would March Under a Hail of Taliban Bullets?
Afghan women demonstrated for “Bread, Work, Freedom, Political Participation” Under Dangerous Conditions.

Personal Essays

Contact: [email protected]

We love sharing the personal experience of women across the world. If you have a story to tell that will resonate with other women, we want to help you share it. These essays have included harrowing survival from domestic violence, sexual assault, and the sex trade; stories of censorship and “cancellation” in elite institutions; and journeys through self-discovery and identity.

Here’s an example of a great personal essay:

At Least I Got my Watch Back
How disclosing my herpes status on a date led to sexual assault.

Include the following in your email:

If your story is time-sensitive, please clearly indicate this at the top of your email.

  • Include a link to the draft of the article via Google Docs with granted editing permission (do not add an attachment), OR a short pitch explaining your topic, who you are, and any access or sources you have.
  • Your full name, a link to your personal site or social media accounts, and any examples of previous work which you feel are relevant. (If you have no previously published work—that is okay! Don't let this stop you from pitching.)
  • If you choose to include images along with your draft, please provide a source for the image and be sure that you have the right to use the image. Otherwise, we will choose images for you. We may change the image, anyway, to better match our editorial style.

We usually get back to writers within one week, however, if your story is not time-sensitive please allow up to two weeks for an editor to respond.

Notes on Pitching 4W

We follow the WoLF Media Style Guide for reporting on issues related to sex and gender identity, sexual orientation, and women’s rights. Please try to follow these guidelines when writing about these topics.

Please include citations as in-text links, like this. All facts and quotes must be cited and attributed in text, unless they are your original work.

Don't worry too much about the headline. We may change it anyways.

All of our articles are published under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. All original images provided must be licensed the same. By submitting your article to 4W, you confirm that your article will be published under this license. You are welcome to re-publish your post online or in print (including for additional compensation) after it has been published on 4W.

We only publish articles in English, however, if you are not a native English speaker don't let this stop you! We want to share the voices of women from across the globe and are willing to help with fixing English grammar, and possibly finding translators if necessary.

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