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M. K. Fain

M. K. is a feminist writer with a background in activism & psychology. She is the founder and editor of 4W, and co-founder of

Anna Slatz

Anna is a writer and professional curmudgeon living in Canada.

Andreia Nobre

Andreia is a Brazilian journalist and writer, and women and children's rights advocate. She is passionate about anthropology and cultural diversity.

4W Staff

Genevieve Gluck

Genevieve is the creator of the podcast Women's Voices, featuring interviews, recordings of feminist texts, and news related to women's rights

Phyllis Chesler

Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology, the author of 20 books, including Women and Madness (1972), An American Bride in Kabul, and Requiem For a Female Serial Killer (2020).

Dana Vitalosova

Writer, editor, proofreader based in Slovakia.

Vaishnavi Sundar

Vaishnavi is an independent filmmaker, feminist, writer, and women's rights activist from Chennai, India.

Josephine Bartosch

Jo Bartosch is a widely commissioned journalist and feminist campaigner.

S.L. Kyle

Dr. Devin Jane Buckley

Dr. Buckley holds a Ph.D. from Duke, where she studied literature and philosophy. She also has a science background and has received several awards and honors in both philosophy and neuroscience.

AJ Kelly

AJ is a woman-loving writer who enjoys ruffling misogynist feathers.


Tamata (pseudonym) is a feminist and ex-Muslim woman from the Middle East. She aims to expand the discussion on Islam with compassion and nuance.

Allison Bliss

Allison Bliss is a writer based in Florida, studying journalism and political science.

Sarah Othokian

Donna M Hughes

Editor-in-Chief, Dignity: A Journal of Analysis of Exploitation and Violence

Stella Perrett

Alline Cormier

Alline is a Canadian film analyst who turns the text analysis skills she acquired in university studying translation and literature to film. She is the author of an upcoming film guide for women.

Nina Paley

Animator, director, artist, scapegoat, and copyright abolitionist Nina Paley is the creator of the animated musical feature films Sita Sings the Blues and Seder-Masochism.

Sarah Wood

Sarah writes and creates anti-victim blaming resources for professionals, as well as fun and engaging children's poetry! She's a founding member of a UK-wide network of political feminist groups.

Alison Tennent

Sinéad Linden

24, Irish, radical feminist.

Sasha White

Sasha White is an interview host at, and co-host of the Identity Crisis podcast with M.K. Fain.

Jo Brew

Radical feminist activist. Interested in political and physical systems and how to change them. Volunteer at Women's Human Rights Campaign.

Julia Beck

US American writer and lesbian feminist

Yağmur Uygarkızı

Yagmur is a student in political theory and a member of Radical Girlsss.

Diana Thompson

Medical translator and writer with a special interest in women’s healthcare. Born in the UK and now living in Italy.

Bryndís Blackadder

Multimedia artist, writer, filmmaker, art director, analyst, researcher and human rights activist based in Scotland. Particularly interested in free speech and the law.

Jessica Williams

Activist, feminist, political lobbyist, writer and mother. Ex-incarcerated woman and survivor of non-state torture (term coined by Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson) and other forms of male violence.

Zola Elrobh

Exmuslim woman since March 2019. Check out my blog:

Susan Lewis

Published author, a true feminist, and a Human Rights Advocate.

Elizabeth Hawker

Elizabeth Hawker is a trainee teacher from the UK.

faith kuzma

Dr Faith Kuzma earned a PhD in 20th century literature from Ohio University, taught Composition and Literature and is now retired. She is a mother of a young adult with rapid onset gender dysphoria.

Niana Nihalway

Niana is a Gender critical, Radical feminist, lesbian, vegan, writer and speaker. She is forever trying to advocate for unheard voices, and wherever possible, eat some cake.

Shefali Sequeira


Kerri Bruss

Kerri is a retired nurse, proud mother of two, and a lifelong feminist. She is a volunteer with WHRC USA and passionate about defending women's sex-based rights.

Lauren Adams

Rebekah Pierre

Rebekah Pierre is a London-based journalist and author specialising in gender and social justice.

Thistle M Pettersen

I am a singer/songwriter and feminist activist living and working from Madison, WI. I hold a Master's in Spanish and a BA in Sociology and am a founding member of WLRN.

CT Marie

Creator of webseries, "Rent Control," award winner at the 2020 NYC WebFest. CT's publications include: "Ugly Couple" ("Dating & Sex" ed. Amir Said) and "Being Single is Underrated" (Sylvia Magazine).

Detroit Richards

Detroit Richards (a pseudonym) is currently working on rebuilding her life whilst living in a shelter in the West Coast of America.

J.L. Kushneryk

I’m a working class country girl. I am weaving my way through life, just as the elders before me did. As I become an elder, I have begun to write, to pass along what I know to be true.

Wendy Murphy

Zanji Sinkala

Zanji is a former economist, now multimedia journalist, film maker and committed feminist working in Zambia. Her work has appeared in News Diggers Zambia and the IFFR.

Julia Long

Susan Hawthorne

Ivy Locke

Ivy Locke is a versatile freelance writer. She enjoys writing about everything from pop-culture to psychology and often from a feminist perspective.

Audrey Simango

Audrey is a freelance writer and feminist in Zimbabwe and a food technology student at a local university. Her work has been published in New Internationalist, and Newsweek.

Marissa Newby

American blogger, horror writer, editor and poet working as a Safety Engineer. I am passionate about workplace equity, financial empowerment and cultural agency.

Ariane Silva

Journalist, lesbian activist and angry Brazilian.

Dr. Rasha Roshdy

Dr. Roshdy is a writer and poet. She was born in Cairo and is now a US citizen. She founded Amna Sanctuary, a non-profit assisting refugees and immigrants.

Kathleen Lowrey

Sima Kalavani

Eilish Grieveson

Daniela Silva

Daniela Silva is a Brazilian educational writer. She holds a BA in Pedagogy; an MBA in Personnel Management and a postgraduate certificate in Neuroeducation.

Veronica Leigh

Christian. Author. Chocolate and coffee addict. Book lover. She/Her. Well, that's about it.

Sophia Sanchez

Sophia is an online ESL/EFL instructor and a passionate educator.

Jennifer Sieland

Jennifer is a Marxist feminist and aspiring polyglot, living begrudgingly in the American South. She is passionate about women's rights, animal rights, and her several cups of morning coffee.

C M Sayers

Sarah Nelson

Research Associate of Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) and a research specialist on child sexual abuse. Author of two books on child sexual abuse and incest

Cynthia Lewis

Stefanie Bode

Stefanie is a psychologist, psychotherapist, political scientist and women's rights activist at Women's Declaration International - Germany.

Natasha Chart

Author of Practical Politics for Bold Women: Proven methods to organize and be heard.

Susi Quinn