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M. K. Fain

M. K. is a feminist writer with a background in activism & psychology. She is the founder and editor of 4W, and co-founder of

Andreia Nobre

Brazilian journalist and writer, advocate for women and children's rights since very young. I'm passionate about anthropology and how did we come to be culturally diverse.

Dana Vitalosova

Writer, editor, proofreader, Mary Daly fan. Hags unite!

Vaishnavi Sundar

Vaishnavi Sundar is an independent filmmaker, feminist, writer, and women's rights activist from Chennai, India.

Anna Slatz

Allison Bliss

Allison Bliss is a radical feminist and writer living in Michigan with her dog Mila. She has a passion for social issues, politics, and psychology.

Sarah Othokian

AJ Kelly

AJ is a woman-loving writer who enjoys ruffling misogynist feathers.

Nina Paley

Animator, director, artist, scapegoat, and copyright abolitionist Nina Paley is the creator of the animated musical feature films Sita Sings the Blues and Seder-Masochism.

4W Staff

Sarah Wood

Sarah writes and creates anti-victim blaming resources for professionals, as well as fun and engaging children's poetry! She's a founding member of a UK-wide network of political feminist groups.

Alison Tennent

Sinéad Linden

24, Irish, radical feminist.

Zola Elrobh

Exmuslim woman since March 2019. Check out my blog:

Susan Lewis

Published author, a true feminist, and a Human Rights Advocate.

Elizabeth Hawker

Elizabeth Hawker is a trainee teacher from the UK.

faith kuzma

Dr Faith Kuzma earned a PhD in 20th century literature from Ohio University, taught Composition and Literature and is now retired. She is a mother of a young adult with rapid onset gender dysphoria.

Niana Nihalway

Niana is a Gender critical, Radical feminist, lesbian, vegan, writer and speaker. She is forever trying to advocate for unheard voices, and wherever possible, eat some cake.

Shefali Sequeira

Josephine Bartosch

Jo Bartosch is a widely commissioned journalist and feminist campaigner. She is director of Click Off, a campaign group formed to raise awareness about the harms of pornography.


Kerri Bruss

Kerri is a retired nurse, proud mother of two, and a lifelong feminist. She is a volunteer with WHRC USA and passionate about defending women's sex-based rights.

Lauren Adams

Sasha White

Sasha White is an interview host at, and co-host of the Identity Crisis podcast with M.K. Fain.

Jo Brew

Radical feminist activist. Interested in political and physical systems and how to change them. Volunteer at Women's Human Rights Campaign.

Donna M Hughes

Editor-in-Chief, Dignity: A Journal of Analysis of Exploitation and Violence

Rebekah Pierre

Rebekah Pierre is a London-based journalist and author specialising in gender and social justice.