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Write for 4W

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We partner with some of our top writers to offer commission for their best stories. Articles that go through our commission program must be approved prior to publishing, and authors are expected to work with our editors as needed. Commission rates are negotiable depending on the content and audience the author brings to the platform. Our base rate is $60 USD.

To pitch an article for our commission program, please email [email protected]

Fine print:

All of our articles are published under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. By submitting your article to 4W, you confirm that your article will be published under this license. All images provided must be licensed the same, or another Creative Commons/Copyleft/Public Domain license. You are welcome to re-publish your post online or in print (including for additional compensation) after it has been published on 4W. 4W retains the right to edit or remove any content at any time for any reason.

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