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4W exists to give a platform to today’s feminists who are stepping outside of the liberal mainstream. We are fourth-wave, for women.

In July of 2019, 4W Editor in Chief, Mary Kate Fain, was fired from her job as a software engineer for writing a blog about feminism. That article hit a nerve, and went viral.

This experience demonstrated the overwhelming need for quality independent journalism that analyzes our changing culture through a modern, radical feminist lens—and 4W was born. We are the only explicitly radical feminist website that gives a platform to gender critical women and pays writers.

4W is providing free content to bring radical feminist ideals to the masses. No paywall, no selling your data, no ads. The only way we make money is from the generosity of our readers.

Our Politics

We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, including the male-centered “feminist” narrative of the third wave.

While many of our ideas may be familiar to those of the second wave, we realize that there is no turning the clock backwards. We are looking forward to a feminist future, not simply nostalgic about the feminism of days past.

We focus primarily on gender, sexuality, and male violence, but are open to pieces covering a range of feminist topics from female writers and journalists.

We take a radical feminist lens, which means we do not support:

  • The buying and selling of women and girls, our bodies, or our objectification for male pleasure
  • The glorification of violent male sexuality, even if done “consensually”
  • The idea that “woman” is defined by sex stereotypes or feelings — a woman is an adult human female
  • The use of slurs like “queer” or “cis” to describe women, especially lesbians

If you would like to submit a piece, you may want to take a look through some of our articles to be sure that you align with our politics first.

View our submission guidelines here.

You can contact the editor at: [email protected]


Got a tip about a story you'd like to see on 4W? Email the editor: [email protected]

If you would prefer to have a phone conversation, feel free to email us to schedule a call.

You can also start an encrypted chat with our editor through Riot or your preferred Matrix client: @marykatefain:matrix.org

Sharing, Redistributing, and Translating 4W Stories

Yes - you may share, redistribute, or translate 4W articles! You do not need to obtain express permission to do so. All of our stories are licensed under a CC By-SA 4.0 licence (Creative Commons, By Attribution, Share-Alike). This means that you may redistribute, build upon, derive, or share our work for either commercial or non-commercial purposes as long as you do the following:

  1. Attribute the author.
    This is the author of the article as listed on the article. Not "4W", the actual name of the writer.
  2. Share your work under a CC By-SA license, too
    "Share Alike" licensing means that your derivative work that uses our work must also be published under the CC By-SA license. For example, if you translate one of our articles into French, this is a derivative work and the French translation would also be licensed CC By-SA.

If you would like to use our work in a way not covered under the CC By-SA please reach out.

Supporting 4W

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About the Editor

M. K. is a feminist writer, activist, and engineer. She is the co-founder of Spinster.xyz, a feminist social media platform, and has worked with various women's organizations for over a decade. She loves plants, animals, and space travel.

Learn more on her website: https://marykatefain.com

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