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A note from our founder:

Welcome to 4W!

4W exists to give a platform to today’s feminists who are boldly stepping outside of the mainstream narrative to unapologetically bring you stories about the issues affecting women today.

I created this platform in 2019, after I was fired from my job as a Software Engineer in Philly for writing an article criticizing the rise of “non-binary” identities through a feminist lens (you can read that article here). Shortly thereafter, I was banned from the popular blogging platform Medium — one of the few places online where emerging writers can make decent money.

I realized that women needed a place where they could not only speak freely about issues like gender identity and male violence, but where they could also be compensated for their work.

Today, 4W is home to over 50 female writers representing every corner of the Earth. We are one of the only subversive publications that actually pay our writers, creating opportunities for women who are otherwise cancelled, deplatformed, and censored.

4W is completely free, and always will be. We have no paywall, no ads, and don’t sell your data. Instead, we are funded entirely out thanks to our generous monthly donors on Patreon who make this work possible.

If you value the stories, news, and ideas that 4W puts out into the world and the work of our writers, please consider becoming a supporter for as little as $5/month.


M. K. Fain
4W Founder Editor in Chief

M. K. Fain


M. K. works on media strategy, content creation, and providing support for nonprofits, lawfirms, and startups. Her work includes national news media appearances, work on SCOTUS amici briefs, and coordinating state-by-state lobbying efforts with a team of legal experts, advocates, and state lawmakers. She is the founder of multiple platforms for women including 4W and Spinster.

Learn more on her website: https://marykatefain.com

Tips and Corrections

Got a tip about a story you'd like to see on 4W? Email the newsroom: [email protected]

If you would like to submit an opinion piece, please email the Opinion Editor at: [email protected] (View our submission guidelines here first.)

Corrections or other requests may be sent to: [email protected]

Sharing, Redistributing, and Translating 4W Stories

Yes - you may share, redistribute, or translate 4W articles! You do not need to obtain express permission to do so. All of our stories are licensed under a CC By-SA 4.0 license (Creative Commons, By Attribution, Share-Alike). This means that you may redistribute, build upon, derive, or share our work for either commercial or non-commercial purposes as long as you do the following:

  1. Attribute the author and 4W.
    For example, "This article by Jane Smith originally appeared in 4W." It's nice to also include a link to the original article if publishing online.
  2. Share your work under a CC By-SA license, too
    "Share Alike" licensing means that your derivative work that uses our work must also be published under the CC By-SA license. For example, if you translate one of our articles into French, this is a derivative work and the French translation would also be licensed CC By-SA.

If you would like to use our work in a way not covered under the CC By-SA please reach out.

Supporting 4W

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