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Anonymous Goes 'TERF,' Warns of Males in Women's Prisons

Anonymous Goes 'TERF,' Warns of Males in Women's Prisons

International "hacktivist" group Anonymous has apparently joined the fight against placing male inmates in women's institutions with a resounding call to end the "attack" on "the most vulnerable women."

In a rather surprising turn of events, a Twitter account belonging to a faction of Anonymous has come out against the placement of male inmates in women's prisons – an issue that has largely been mocked and condemned by mainstream activists as being "TERF bigotry."

In a tweet, corresponding video, and newsletter, the international "hacktivist" group write that "the most vulnerable women are increasingly subject to abuse and loss of human rights," referencing the recent move many U.S states have made towards allowing male inmates to self-identify as women and gain transfer.

In their corresponding newsletter, available on their site Your Anonymous Central, the group writes:

Incarcerated women are often young, single mothers, lesbian or bisexual, and from ethnic minority backgrounds, exposing them to discrimination in the form of misogyny, homophobia, and racism ... According to official figures, men are five times more likely to carry out sexual assaults or rape against inmates while housed in women's prisons.

The lengthy newsletter provides details on the background of males self-identifying into women's institutions, including policies that have existed in the United Kingdom which allowed inmates who were "legally and biologically male to be housed in women's prisons."

They go on to note that "... men are five times more likely to carry out sexual assaults or rape against inmates while housed in women's prisons" and slam the recent bills that have emerged in the United States which allow males to effectively identify their way into women's prisons.

"Not only have women prisoners had their rights violated, their voices, and that of their advocates are silenced by the state." They write, under a section titled Women's Rights are Human Rights, continuing "Women's rights are increasingly ignored by so-called human rights organizations, media, and government[...]"

This apparently isn't the first time the group has made their opinions on the trans rights movement known. In some deleted tweets from 2018, the group wrote "Can we please discuss the overwhelming amount of rich white men bankrolling the trans movement? Trans rights are important, but let's not be daft to the reality of the misogynistic culture being propped up in its most vocal supporters."

These old tweets have resulted in the group being visciously attacked by trans rights activists, who condemned their use of "gender essentialist language."

@YourAnonCentral has over 5.7 million followers. A great deal of attention was brought to them in 2020 when they accused President Donald Trump of attempting to "shut down" investigations on money laundering and ties to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

The group also made headlines when they took responsibility for a cyber attack on the City of Minneapolis websites while vocally supporting for the Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd.

Earlier this year, they called out Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, blasting him as a "narcissistic rich dude" manipulating vulnerable retail investor sentiment in high volatility cryptocurrencies.

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