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Despite Whining and Sniveling Men, Women Still Do Most of the Cooking

As the old saying goes, 'quit your sniveling before I give you something to cry about.'

Despite Whining and Sniveling Men, Women Still Do Most of the Cooking
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As the old saying goes, 'quit your sniveling before I give you something to cry about.'

Online gender wars have been festering for over a decade. These days, we are regularly subjected to half-baked theories about how women are not what we used to be. Just a quick search of Twitter can show you how far this ridiculous rhetoric has gone.

To Be Clear...

If you're hungry, you should head to the kitchen and make your own food. I mean, sure, having a loving, caring partner who can cook is nice, but it's far more critical to find someone you're compatible with and who is good for your mental health and physical well-being– call me an idealist.

Also, are we really going to overlook the fact that the outdated ideals that many men have for relationships were taken from a time when women were not expected to work and help contribute to the household financially? I mean, just a century ago, the Court of Appeal upheld a decision that asserted women were not even people! So, the notion of women needing to be great chefs and housekeepers is very much embedded in misogynistic ideas about women having no rights or autonomy.

Moreover, there was a time when women were protected and treated with more respect and reverence. Unfortunately, last I checked, those days are long gone in America as well. There have been hundreds of think pieces written about the demise of chivalry. While I'm not sure of the exact death date, I'm sure it's spinning in its grave every time a man uses it as a way to justify the lack of support and protection of women. And I don't see many men fighting to go back to the days in which men were compelled to literally lay their lives on the line for women and children.

Granted, many women no longer need or want this protection, but the fact remains that most men are no longer playing the roles they used to play in society. Yet, they still expect women to simultaneously play those antiquated roles while also working corporate jobs and building generational wealth. So, no matter why or how we got here, we are here. Full stop.

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Playing Catch Up

Even though men are crying and complaining about how women no longer cook, studies suggest that the truth is quite the contrary. In fact, women still cook more than men at a rate of 70% vs. 46%. So, although many of us are busy building brands and empires, we are still very much domesticated (*shudders*– for lack of a better term.) Also, oddly enough, although barbecue pits have long since been dominated by men, women are starting to take over this sector as well. So, all of the whining and complaining is very much unwarranted. Rather, it seems that men are appalled at the fact that women are no longer overly submissive to their whims, which is another story entirely.

Maybe You Don't Deserve a Meal...

Although some women choose not to cook, many women are still cooking regularly. So, if you can't find any women willing to cook you a meal, have you ever stopped to think that maybe you don't deserve one? I mean, honestly, many women still love to cook. However, they also hate when cooking is demanded rather than requested. So, if no one is offering you a meal, maybe you're doing something wrong. For instance, studies also assert that many men these days prefer smart, successful women... even though some also find those very same women to be intimidating.

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Honestly speaking, dating intelligent, successful women is excellent! But you can't also demand that these women constantly cook and clean for free. That's the epitome of male chauvinism and entitlement. I'm no expert, but maybe this is a result of asking women to bring something to the table rather than worrying about the kind of food being served on it. And if you want a woman to cook for you, ensure you're providing an environment in which she is well-rested and content enough to do so with a smile. Also, maybe you should pick up those pots and pans and cook a couple of meals for her as well—just a thought.

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