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'Now I Know How to Use a Rifle,' Says Feminist Remaining in Ukraine

23 years old Ukrainian offers unique insight into the lives of women who have decided to stay.

'Now I Know How to Use a Rifle,' Says Feminist Remaining in Ukraine

Anastasiia Holubieva (23) is a feminist living in Odessa, with a degree in journalism. Since Thursday 24, 2022, when the Russian army invaded Ukraine, she has vowed to stay and fight for her country. In an exclusive interview with 4W, she offered unique insight into the lives of Ukrainian women and girls who have decided to remain at home:

Ukraine has been welcoming women as warriors since 2014, maybe since 2015. In any case, many Ukrainian ladies know how to use at least some sort of weapon.
More women have become volunteers. Many of them are ready to sacrifice not only products and meds but big things, like cars and computers they’ve been working hard to attain.
We do not have any bad thoughts about the women who left, either with kids or alone, as we understand their will to live and zero strength to fight with bare hands. We wish them well and a swift comeback to Ukraine as soon as we build our beautiful country back.
Money does not mean anything anymore.
My family and I are not leaving. My friends, girls who are 20-23 years old, are not leaving. Their mothers and grandmothers stay here and do everything we can: donating blood and money, preparing food for men and women on the battlefield, also cyber attacks. My friend Alyona was trying to DDOS Russian websites, and I’ve been fishing for personal data of Russian bastards to bomb them digitally with videos and photos of dead Russians.
To be honest, I personally hate all aggressors. I have zero empathy even for “mere people who didn’t choose Putin.” But my and other Ukrainians’ priority is the painful death of the Russian president and his cocksuckers. We wish they saw how military people destroy their houses, kill their kids, and steal their land.
We go to volunteer centers on occasion to bring what we can.
Also, now I know how to use a rifle. I’m repeating all processes with it from time to time. And if I have to kill a Russian person, I will without batting my eyes. I know the rifle will not save me but if it makes fascist bitches from Russia stop for one second, I see how this moment might suffice to save other Ukrainians.
I monitor news almost constantly. Also, I call or text all my friends and even distant people to ask how they are. I have an extra hour to distract myself but playing video games and working feels like betraying my country. I’m on edge 24/7 and if I hear a call from the volunteer center, I’m ready to run there even almost naked because I know they need me ASAP.
Also, we talk. Mostly about how we want the Red Square in Moscow to become  the Square of Stephan Bandera or named after the new heroes, like
By the way, we are NOT leaving pets behind. If Russian pricks come here, we are ready to protect our home, our kitties, and our Ukraine to death. And many women save animals in the meantime, giving them shelter and food.
Just now, I went to a pharmacy and the lady pharmacist said she only lets women enter to buy meds and health equipment, as men could be Russians
Right now, I’m gathering bottles for the Molotov cocktail, a special drink for our alcoholic Russian “brothers.”
We’ll live.

If you wish to assist Ukrainian women financially, in Anastasiia’s view it is best to support the Ukrainian army. You can do so here.

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