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Trans-Identified Male Bites Woman's Nose Off in Horrific Attack, Requests Transfer to Woman's Prison

Trans-Identified Male Bites Woman's Nose Off in Horrific Attack, Requests Transfer to Woman's Prison

A trans-identified male has been sentenced after a violent attack which left a woman permanently disfigured.

In November of 2020, Kali Gills of Birmingham, UK, viciously and randomly attacked a female friend after following her out into the street from his home where the two had been drinking. Gills and his friend allegedly had a disagreement prior to her leaving the flat, which motivated Gills to chase her down and violently assail her by biting off her nose. Sentencing Judge Avik Mukherjee branded the it an "unwarranted, aggressive act of violence."

The attack was so brutal, the woman had to have part of her forehead grafted onto her nose by surgeons. She will need additional surgeries, but has been receiving mental health support since suffering her irreversible injury. It has been reported that she has been housebound since, and her life "destroyed."

Gills, 61, was sentenced to four years in a male prison for wounding with intent, a charge which he pleaded guilty to.

During sentencing, Gill's lawyer, Maxine Styles, argued the "lengthy" jail sentence would impact on his plans for feminization surgery.

"Both parties had been drinking, Miss Gills acknowledges she had been drinking, which led to poor decision making," Styles is quoted as saying. "She is aware she is expecting a lengthy custodial sentence, and that will impact on her gender reassignment surgery."

Styles also requested transfer for Gills to a women's prison, despite the fact he does not even have a gender recognition certificate – a document in the UK which legally recognizes a change in gender identity.

Predictably, local news recorded Gills as a woman. It is unknown how police categorized his crime, though a recent change in UK Government policies have seen top officials demanding the biological sex of criminals take precedence over their self-declared gender for the sake of statistical accuracy.

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