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Masseur Charged After Rape of 9-Months-Pregnant Woman at Spa

Masseur Charged After Rape of 9-Months-Pregnant Woman at Spa

A man was arrested in Kentucky last week on charges of sexually assaulting a woman who was nearly nine months pregnant during a spa massage.

Tyler Isaacs, 30, has been charged with first-degree rape, according to court records. He was held in the Madison County Detention Center on a $100,000 full cash bond, and was released on October 13 - one day after being arrested.

Isaacs, 30, was working as a massage therapist at Rest Assured Spa in Lexington when the assault took place on July 22. The victim, nearly nine months pregnant at the time, was a client booked for a pre-natal massage. It was her first time patronizing the business, which continues to operate without even so much as a statement to customers on the incident.  

The victim told police that as the service was about to end, she was asked by Isaacs to stand and put her stomach on the table so that he could massage her back. But instead, Isaacs grabbed her from behind by the wrists and raped her.

The victim stated that she had been too frightened to retaliate out of concern for her baby and "due to being so far along in her pregnancy." She managed to leave the spa after the assault, and reported her ordeal to police.

Police interviewed Isaacs a few days later on July 29th where he admitted to sexual contact with the victim, but didn't arrest him until October 12.  

The New York Post attempted to contact the spa on Friday to question the owner on the assault. She allegedly became hostile, telling the journalists: “Who cares? He doesn’t work here no more.”

When the reporter pressed and reminded her of the brutal rape that had taken place at her business, she repeated: “Who cares?”

EDIT 10/16/21: Dads Against Predators, a vigilante child protection group, has uploaded a YouTube video showing the same Tyler Isaacs being caught in a sting they had conducted in March of 2021, just months before the incident described above.

The group states Isaacs had attempted to meet with a 13 year old girl and visit her home, as well as asked her to come to the spa where he worked for a massage.

In the video, it becomes clear the group would go on to reveal his actions to the spa owner at the time of the sting, but actions against him were clearly not taken.

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