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'Miss Transsexual Brazil' Arrested After Major Crime Spree

'Miss Transsexual Brazil' Arrested After Major Crime Spree

The 2019 winner of the Miss Transsexual Brazil pageant has been arrested on suspicions by Police he was responsible for a major spree of druggings and robbings in Rio de Janeiro.

Mikaelly da Costa Martinez, also known as Mikaelly Zanotto, has an extensive criminal record demonstrating over 17 criminal convictions across four Brazillian states, including for the murder of a fellow trans-identified male in 2015.

His latest arrest, which came on November 28, was for a mass string of druggings and robbings police suspected he was responsible for. Martinez would allegedly use his Instagram to lure unsuspecting men to hotels where they were given spiked drinks and then robbed of their possessions once unconscious.

While he was arrested in Rio's jurisdiction, Martinez is also under investigation by authorities in São Paulo, Florianópolis, and Balneário Camboriú for similar crimes.

Martinez allegedly carried out the crimes with the assistance of another trans-identified male, who is currently at large.

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