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Trans-Identified Male Found Guilty for Terrorist Attack Threat

Trans-Identified Male Found Guilty for Terrorist Attack Threat

A trans-identified male in the U.K has been found guilty after threatening a terrorist attack against media outlet The Spectator.

Phoebe Jasmine Ellison, a trans-identified male, was charged on Thursday under the Malicious Communication Act for threatening a terrorist attack on The Spectator. Ellison's conviction comes after a concerned Twitter user reported a disturbing YouTube video he'd made to police. Ellison did not attend the hearing, but was convicted in absentia and sentenced to a 10 weeks prison term, for which he has now been arrested.

The user, @SalBre81, uploaded part of Ellison's video to her account. In it, Ellison is heard saying "[the] Spectator is the new Charlie Hebdo," while brandishing a knife. The title of the disturbing clip was "Why I'm going to prison, and why I could not care less whether it is a Men's or Women's facility."

In the now-deleted video, Ellison is first seen burning some sort of document while in the nude, just before threatening The Spectator while brandishing a knife.

The video has since been removed from the Youtube channel belonging to Ellison, but other videos remain. The most recent was uploaded the day of the trial, and was titled "None Attendance at Court, Today..."

While the audio quality is very poor, Ellison can be heard acknowledging the charges against him, but saying that he felt it was necessary to "not make an attendance" to the court due to "developments in the case." He does not elaborate on what those developments are.

@SalBre81, the user responsible for the police report on Ellison's Spectator video, describes following his antics after a similarly disturbing display from him last year in which he publicly stated he was planning to commit mass murder after being misgendered.

In August of 2020, Ellison posted a thread to his account threatening to commit a mass murder, and showing pictures of what he suggested was a bomb.

"I was called 'Sir' earlier for some obscure reason, but it was enough to suggest that I 'Plan' a Mass Murder." He wrote, in another stating "You shouldn't have f*cked with me, you people!"

Ellison also accused women who had been victims of sexual assault of "sexually exploiting feminism," while writing "I'd rather f*ck a pedophile than f*ck a TERF!!!" above a photo of himself in lingerie.

Ellison was reported to police by concerned Twitter users in 2020, and his social media account went offline shortly after. But he returned later that year to continue posting disturbing threats of mass murder, next suggesting he'd like to stab and kill Police officers in front of schoolchildren.

It is unknown to what extent police took action against Ellison in 2020, or if they had been sufficiently monitoring his behaviour prior to this latest threat against the Spectator.

UPDATE: Twitter user @SalBre81 deleted the clip of Ellison's video at the Spectator's request. The outlet was allegedly not informed about the threats that were made against them.

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