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UK: Trans Activist Doctor Under Investigation for Cyber Bullying, Intimidation

UK: Trans Activist Doctor Under Investigation for Cyber Bullying, Intimidation

A Doctor in the United Kingdom well-known for his vocal brand of trans activism is now under facing a professional misconduct hearing over allegations he cyber-bullied and attempted to intimidate multiple people into silencing their opinions on gender ideology.

Dr. Adrian Harrop, a general practitioner at Brownlow Health Central in Liverpool, has become an infamous figure on social media for his aggressively pro-gender ideology stances. Harrop has previously lauded death threats sent to people who have a different opinion than him on trans-related issues, called the police on those he dislikes, and even suggested he would release compromising photos of a woman with whom he disagreed.

Harrop made headlines earlier this year when he was slammed for posting sexist content to his Instagram targeting "TERFs" – or, feminists who don't believe men can be women.

But Harrop's crude online behavior is now being put under a microscope by the oversight body which monitors the practices of healthcare professionals in the U.K. The General Medical Council has referred allegations of misconduct to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) for hearing.

The MPTS can decide if a Doctor's fitness to practice is impaired, and how to handle the situation – with potential decisions including placing conditions on a Doctor's registration, or even erasing their name from the register.

On November 15, the MPTS convened over the discussion of Harrop's behavior towards at least 4 separate individuals on social media, with all of the incidents being motivated by Harrop's disagreement with the victims on issues related to gender ideology,.

In three of the cases, the victims, none of whom are named, were targeted by Harrop with threats of doxing – the act of revealing intimate details about them to the public they had otherwise not advertised. In most cases, Harrop demanded things in return from the victims, such as deleting their Twitter accounts, and by extention, quieting opinions they had that he disliked.

In two of the incidents, Harrop implied he knew about the victim's medical histories.

The hearings will go on until December 3.

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