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A Message to Those Recently Opining on a Risk to Women Prisoners

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A Message to Those Recently Opining on a Risk to Women Prisoners

Let’s unite to offer a gargantuan Fuck Off to all those talking heads who now, following the grotesque spectacle of the Adam Graham (aka Isla Bryson) case, feign concern about women prisoners. This is not happening because they care about women prisoners,  but because even the most self-serving political low-lives can no longer pretend that this vicious and infantile ideology has not been allowed to run around outside its playpen for way too long. Buckle up!

Fuck Peter Tatchell and Yvette Cooper pretending that they are the reasonable ones for acknowledging that a violent rapist and abuser should not be housed in a woman’s prison. Fuck Keir Starmer, who mutely stood by when women like Rosie Duffield pointed out the obvious risks of letting men do whatever the fuck they like and go wherever the fuck they want so long as they say the magic words “I identify as a woman.” Fuck David Lammy who decried all such women as dinosaurs “hoarding their rights.” Fuck the desperate, aging slebs like Billy Bragg gasping out the mantra “Trans women are women” as they struggle to remain relevant and afloat in the age of TikTok and the fans who they suspect will not read anything longer than three or four words.

Fuck the SNP, The Greens, The Liberal Democrats, and Labour who havered and prevaricated when asked to for their definition of woman and who pandered, pampered and fetched the fucking Kleenex for men in dresses and crazed children who felt they’d been “misgendered.” Boo fucking hoo.

Fuck the BBC, The Guardian (special mention to Owen Jones) and all the spineless, fact-averse hacks who referred to men as “she/ her”, and to the surgically altered young women as “he/ him”, while remaining unaffected by the consequences of lies they knowingly spread. Or “journos” who sat at their laptops furtively hoping that it would not be their own daughter who would be mown down by a rugby player who had recently been overcome by girlyfeelz, or snapped by an iphone slid under the curtain in a “gender neutral” changing room.

Note to self, they thought: "try and earn enough cash through churning out this utter shite so that I can afford a private female carer - a migrant woman on minimum wage will do! - to look after the aging women in my family so that they don’t get prodded by a bloke in a dress when they need intimate care." Because at such times, everyone knows what a woman is, and you don’t want a bloke who has just recently decided he’s called Samantha changing your own mum’s pads, do you? And no one really wants to read about that in the Lifestyle section of The Guardian, do they, readers?

Fuck the Eurocrats who cheered on this dangerous social experiment in small countries and used us as testing grounds to see how much damage to women’s rights they could possibly get away with (a LOT it turns out). Fuck Helena Dalli, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, and endless SOGI committees, waving a nightmare progress-flag that looks like a car crash on a 90s website.

Fuck all those who abused the concept of inclusion in order to destroy women’s rights, and patronisingly used this word to sneer at and lecture women who sought to debate the consequences of flat-earth gender policies. Fuck those who invoked Section 28, and the fight for equal marriage in disingenuous and ill-thought out analogies, especially those who weren’t even born at the time and can’t be arsed reading the truth. Fuck Stonewall, grinding away like Dickensian Chancery, to line its own pockets with glitter bucks from vacuous “diversity” schemes and unicorn training workshops. Fuck the universities that let them in and helped them hold down a fluffy pillow on the face of educational discourse.

These people and these organisations cannot be let off the hook when they snivel that they didn’t know (we’ve been trying to talk about this for fucking years - you supported the ones trying to shut down our events, remember?) or that they were just trying to #bekind

We - the women - we want our fucking stuff back. We want our women’s prisons, our women’s sports, our women’s refuges, our women’s bogs, our right to same-sex care, our fucking WORDS. And we will not wheesht for all you jelly-spined bloviating cowardly politicians and hacks. Especially not for those who feebly wring their hands now, backtracking on their mantras because they are so fucking stupid that they only just realised that adhering to TWAW “principles” means they must publicly side with serial rapists, and -oops!-  the optics of that are making them feel a bit icky. Don’t like the sound of female rage? Find a fucking safe-space. Of your own.

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