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Canadian Gov't Redacted Results of Analysis into Impact of "Transgender Rights Bill" on Women

Canadian Gov't Redacted Results of Analysis into Impact of "Transgender Rights Bill" on Women

In early 2017, the Canadian Government rushed to pass Bill C-16 – informally known as the "transgender rights bill."

C-16 added the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the Canadian Human Rights Act and to the Criminal Code. But most far-reachingly, it enshrined gender self-identification in law, and have a far-reaching impact on sex-segregated arenas such as crisis shelters, sports teams, and prisons. Effectively, it made it legally impossible to deny men who self-identify as women access to women's spaces.

Like all Canadian legislation passed under Justin Trudeau, the bill would have been first subjected to a gender based analysis (GBA) – an assessment allegedly done to determine the impact of the bill on women's rights.

In January of 2020, 4W writer Anna Slatz submitted an Access to Information Request with the Government of Canada seeking the impact assessment that would have been done on Bill C-16, specifically where the rights of female inmates were concerned.

On December 16, 2021, Slatz received a response from the Government with the document purported to be the GBA.

The full contents of the 71-page file are as follows:

Page 1-6: Fully Redacted

Page 7:

Page 8: Fully Redacted

Page 9:

Page 10: Fully Redacted

Page 11:

Page 12-40: Fully Redacted

Pages 41-71: French versions of the previous 40 pages – Same redactions/admissions.

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