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Dan Schneider Has Some 'Splainin to Do

Jenette McCurdy's book is coming out on August 9th, and I'd like to call Dan Schneider to the carpet, if I may.

Dan Schneider Has Some 'Splainin to Do
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Jenette McCurdy's book is coming out on August 9th, and I'd like to call Dan Schneider to the carpet, if I may.

As someone who grew up watching many of the classic Nickelodeon shows by myself (and later with my kids), I am a massive fan of McCurdy's talent. This is why I was especially disturbed when I inadvertently stumbled into the Nickelodeon abuse rabbit hole.

Also, If I may center myself for a moment, I have always wanted to try acting, but my debilitating anxiety has prevented it (so far). So, I have an immense level of respect for those who become successful in the entertainment industry early in life. But I digress...

For those who haven't yet heard, Dan Schneider, among others, has been accused of, let's say, "abusive behavior" toward the children and teens working on his shows. I mean, I don't know Mr. Schneider at all. Still, there's something about the fact that he pretty much only made shows for kids, the fact that I can't recall him being in any happy relationships (at least not publicly), and his abrupt exit from the network that made these allegations all the more believable. Either way, Jenette McCurdy's new book does nothing to clear Schneider's name.

Quite frankly, I always found videos, such as this one, quite troubling...

Quite the contrary. The book, which is colorfully titled, I'm Glad My Mom Died, offers dark humor as the actress tells various stories about her life thus far. More specifically, McCurdy tells several stories about a man who she refers to as "the creator," pressuring her to drink while giving her an unsolicited massage on set (she was underage), photographing her in a bikini, and even sending an executive to offer her "hush money" as a gift if she agreed never to speak about her on-set experiences after her last show, Sam & Cat, was canceled.

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that most young actresses who were being fired would accept $300K in exchange for their silence unless there were things that they simply could not keep quiet about. But again, I digress...

Some reports assert that multiple complaints were filed against him by members of his staff and that he was well known for having a terrible temper. Either way, McCurdy also asserts that the network disciplined Schneider for emotional abuse and even said it came to a point in which he was no longer allowed to be around the actors. Instead, he was secluded in some sort of on-set Dan cave that was filled with his favorite snacks and awards he had won in the past.

Also, while he vehemently denies the foot fetish rumors, if you've ever watched any of his shows, you know that someone somewhere seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with feet.

No matter what, these most recent developments are incredibly unsettling and make me feel dirty just knowing about them. I definitely realize that Dan has denied these allegations in the past. However, upon the release of McCurdy's new book, I am left wondering if Dan has anything else to say for himself.


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