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India: Man Forced to Undergo Sex Change to Earn More as a 'Female Dancer'

Anna Slatz
Anna Slatz
4W Staff
4W Staff

A disturbing case out of India has been reported as a male dancer was forced to undergo a sex change operation by a predatory partner in order to earn more money dancing as a "woman."

One man is in custody after a victim came forward to police to report his ordeal after he was forced to undergo a sex change operation. The unnamed victim, from Gola area of Uttar Pradesh province, had been preforming as a dancer in June of 2020 when he met suspect Mohd Mumtaz, a drum player from Uruwa.

Mumtaz allegedly promised the victim a pay increase if he travelled with him to the major city of Delhi. The victim agreed, but once arriving to Delhi he was drugged and forcibly subjected to a sex change operation. He realized what had been done to him after waking up in hospital. The extent of the surgeries is unknown.

Mumtaz then forced the victim to preform as a female dancer in the city while taking the money he earned. After several months, they returned to Uttar Pradesh, where Mumtaz reuinted with his family and escaped with all of the victim's earnings totalling nearly $470,000 USD.

The victim filed a police report, and Mumtaz has since been arrested. He has since been charged under 18 sections of the Indian Penal Code, including causing grievous harm and causing hurt by means of poison, as well as a crime under the Transplantation of Human Organs Act.

This is hardly the first case of coerced sex changes being preformed in India for the purposes of exploiting young men as "girls."

In 2009, police in Chennai uncovered a criminal ring of trans-identified males who were castrating young boys and selling them into prostitution. Similarly this year, 6 trans-identified males were arrested in Assam for forcibly subjecting young men to sex changes into order to traffic them.

In January, a 17-year-old boy came forward and reported he had been forced to undergo a sex change operation and begin hormone replacement therapy at 13 in order to be sold into prostitution in Delhi.

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Anna Slatz

Anna is a writer and professional curmudgeon living in Canada.