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Liberals Don’t Know What Violence is Anymore

Especially if it’s against women.

Liberals Don’t Know What Violence is Anymore

A new trend is growing in progressive liberal circles — calling anything you disagree with “violence”. For example, consider this response I received to a recent article:

The only violence in the article is the male violence that I have been speaking out against for years — yet the commenter is not concerned about this violence. The violence she is concerned about is the violence of “invalidating” an identity (or, in other words, pointing out material reality).

To liberals, invalidation is violent because they consider it part of a system of abuse and discrimination which does result in violence. They point to statistics about trans women being killed and claim that articles which question trans ideology from a feminist perspective lead men to kill trans people. Somehow, feminists are still getting blamed for male violence in 2019.

In this article, a trans-identified person explains why they believe misgendering is violence:

When I see someone misgendering me, I see not just that they already sit at the base of the pyramid–I see the possibility of them escalating. They’ve denied my humanity, which seems to be the prerequisite to discriminatory behaviour, and now I’m supposed to trust that they’re not going to creep up the pyramid…

The author claims that by misgendering someone, others have “denied my humanity.” Unless one is making claims that males or females specifically are not human (which, by the way, men actually do to women), referring to someone by their biological sex says nothing about their humanity. In fact, the writers who the above author goes on to quote, are radical feminists who have been at the forefront of human rights — none of whom have ever perpetrated actual violence against a trans-identified individual.

Meanwhile, trans-activists are actually, physically, violently attacking feminists such as Julie Bindel:

He was shouting and ranting and raving, ‘you’re a f***** c***, you’re a f****** bitch, a f****** Terf,” and the rest of it. We were trying to walk to the cab to take us to the airport, and then he just lunged at me and almost punched me in the face, but a security guard pulled him away.

This isn’t the first time feminists have been physically assaulted for disagreeing with men. In 2017 four trans activists beat up a 60-year-old woman in Hyde Park until her face was purple. They were protesting the appearance of Miranda Yardley, who identifies as transsexual and has been an outspoken dissenter within the trans community against male violence.

To date, there have been no accounts of radical feminists assaulting trans activists or any trans-identified person. Not once. The list of women who have experienced real violence at the hands of trans activists goes on.

Somehow, liberals have managed to claim that feminist calls to end male violence and patriarchal gender norms are violent, meanwhile remaining silent when actual violence is perpetrated against women.

If we want to talk about violence, let’s:

  • Males attacking feminists for pushing back against harmful gender ideology is violent.
  • The rape and death threats that lesbians and feminists receive from trans activists are violent.
  • Male violence is, without exaggeration, the biggest problem in the world facing humans, and feminists are the only ones talking about it — and trans activism is silencing this work.

If liberals want to regain the moral high ground in conversations about human rights, they need to stop watering down the word "violence." Women who don’t come from “progressive,” white, upper-middle-class, Western backgrounds know what violence really is.

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