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More Trans Criminals Than Anti-Trans Crime in the UK?

This article was originally shared on Medium, but the author's account was suspended following the post

More Trans Criminals Than Anti-Trans Crime in the UK?

Please Note: This article was originally published on Medium. Medium suspended Anna's account after this was released, so it is being replicated here for 4W readers.

PinkNews has published multiple articles in the past few months suggesting the United Kingdom is a dangerous or unwelcoming place for transgender identified people.

In response, I looked at 13 years of news reports (including those published by PinkNews itself) searching for evidence of this claim.

I looked for any and all reports of trans people being murdered, assaulted, or raped — and since 2008 I was able to find 12 reports total between the UK and Ireland. Of the 12, only 3 of which can be considered bonafide anti-trans hate crimes and were investigated or treated as such by police and the courts: Giovanna Del Nord, Anna Montgomery, and a protected-identity transwoman who was attacked in Yorkshire in 2020.

In contrast, I also looked for any and all reports of trans people murdering, assaulting, or raping others — and since 2008, I was able to find 48 reports. In trans rights activist-fashion, I am not debating over whether or not these people are ‘genuinely transgender,’ but rather accepting their claim however it stands. I also included the possession, creation, and/or distribution of child sexual exploitation material amongst these as I consider it to be assault against a child (as we all should) and a violent crime in general.

The list of assaults does not include the 2020 assault of an Arabic youth by three transwomen, as the youth was hurling racist abuse at the women, all parties involved were intoxicated, and the Judge acknowledged the youth was the instigator of the incident. Thus, I do not feel it is similar to much of what other offenses have been committed.

I am not including transvestites who never identified as transgender. Every individual on this chart explicitly stated they were transgender. I am also not including any murders or assaults within prisons or other institutions where figures for violence and assault tend to be quite high.

Below is the embed of the chart! Please note that I attempted to include some details where relevant.

(please note, this chart is optimized for web browsers and may not display properly on a mobile device!)

(working on trying to find a better chart system!)

Interestingly, if we were to strip away all of the crime on the right side of the chart that was committed where ‘transness’ was not cited as a direct factor — we would be left with the exact number of crimes on the left side if we removed all crimes where anti-trans hate was not a factor.

The obvious counter-argument trans rights activists will propose is that there is some hidden epidemic of murders in the UK/Irish trans community, ones which somehow never make the news.

However, the details on trans murders is extremely consistent with data from Transrespect, which concluded there were 9 trans people killed in the UK between 2008 and 2018. However, the methodology and information on who, exactly, those people were was not provided. I am continuing to search for the missing one or two claimed in this Transrespect chart that are not represented here.

I will update this article with information on either side as it becomes available!

Edit 4/6/21: Added 8 additional rows of information to the chart, bringing the total of trans-committed crimes to 48.

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