In July of 2019, 4W Editor in Chief, Mary Kate Fain, was fired from her job as a software engineer for writing a blog about feminism. That article hit a nerve, and has been viewed by over 40,000 people since.

This experience demonstrated the overwhelming need for quality independent journalism that analyzes our changing culture through a modern, radical feminist lens—and 4W was born. 4W is now the premier website in the United States for woman-centered content on gender identity, sexuality, and culture.

Although we originally started out as a Medium publication, and are still there to serve our Medium followers, we decided to launch our own site over fear of deplatforming. Medium has been known to take down the accounts of radical feminists.

Now, 4W is providing free content to bring radical feminist ideals to the masses. No paywall, no selling your data, no ads. The only way we make money is from the generosity of our readers.

Your support helps keep 4W online. Please join us however you are able:

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