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The Indictment of Andrew Tate: A Wake-Up Call for Liberals

Tate should serve as a wake-up call to liberals keen on the full legalization of prostitution and the promotion of the sex industry as empowering for women.

The Indictment of Andrew Tate: A Wake-Up Call for Liberals
Andrew Tate. Source: Twitter

Romanian prosecutors filed an indictment against Tate and his brother, Tristan, on June 20th for human trafficking and forming an organized crime group, operating in Romania, the United States, and Britain.

Andrew Tate’s charges should serve as a wake-up call to liberals keen on the full legalization of prostitution and the promotion of the sex industry as empowering for women.  

The methods used by Tate to lure and subjugate women are textbook methods used by pimps/sex traffickers, the same individuals many mainstream liberals inadvertently support today through advocacy for the full legalization of prostitution and rhetoric painting pornography as empowering for the women who appear in it.

In reality, Tate is a typical sex trafficker.

A common method used to prostitute women is for the trafficker to pose as a love interest, taking the targeted girl or woman out on dates, gaining her trust, and becoming her boyfriend. After a relationship is established and the victim is attached, the trafficker will often find ways to remove her from her environment and/or any external support system she might have, so sexual exploitation can begin. These traffickers are sometimes referred to as ‘loverboys.’

This is the tactic used by Tate. He admitted this on a now defunct program he had on his website to teach other men how to groom and sexually abuse young women for financial gain. It was called the PHD, which stood for the Pimping Hoes Degree.

As shown on Matt Shea’s documentary on Tate, the website stated, “I’ve been running a webcam studio for nearly a decade. I’ve had over 75 girls work for me ... Over 50% of my employees were actually my girlfriend at the time and, of all my girlfriends, NONE were in the adult entertainment industry before they met me.”

It is also common for pimp/traffickers to brand or tattoo those they are trafficking/prostituting with the trafficker’s own name as a symbol of ownership.

In January, two of the women identified by investigators as potential victims of the Tate brothers denied that the brothers mistreated anyone. One of the women has a tattoo that says, "Property of Tate,” and the other has one that says, "Tate Girl.”

The Tate home, surrounded by security guards with guns, housed these women and those who webcammed for his benefit, turning all of the money over to Tate.

What does set Tate apart from the men like him is that he seeks the spotlight and has had more social media success than most when it comes to marketing the methods he uses to manipulate and abuse women.

Furthermore, Tate doesn’t hide behind liberal talking points to appease elites who turn a blind eye to abusers who are willing to virtue signal.

Feminists have been pointing out the inherent misogyny of the commercial sex industry—including pornography—and claims of third-wave feminism for decades. Statements claiming that women in the sex industry are empowered and that women who say they consent to being strangled and slapped during sex are empowered reflect one thing: cognitive dissonance to cope with a world seeped in misogyny.

UK advocacy group We Can’t Consent to This has been working since 2018 to combat the rise of the “rough sex” defense to injuries and even murder of women by men. The normalization of violence against women during sex has allowed for claims of consensual sex “gone wrong” to proliferate news and court rooms when men kill women.

Andrew Tate was part of the UK reality show Big Brother in 2016. He was removed from the show when a video of him beating his ex-girlfriend with a belt emerged. Tate then released a video of his ex-girlfriend saying, “It was just pure game. It’s just what we used to do.”

After the video release of his ex saying the beating was not abuse, people treated it like it was indeed normal.

So, Andrew Tate started off by claiming the leaked abuse of his ex-girlfriend at his hands was part of a “kinky game” and released a video of her attesting to this. Some people bought it because of the cultural acceptance of abuse being consensual when it occurs in the bedroom. He then built himself a platform by spouting blatant misogyny mainstream liberals decry (for good reason). He also promoted the engagement of women in pornography/webcamming, an act that also receives widespread cultural acceptance under the guise of female empowerment and sexual liberation.

What Tate’s rhetoric, coupled with his promotion of “consensual” sexual abuse and pornography, should reveal is the attitudes men who promote such sexualization hold toward women. The mask is off, and the cognitive dissonance should be dissipating.

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