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Trans-Identified Male Inmate Groomed, Raped Developmentally Disabled Female Inmate

Trans-Identified Male Inmate Groomed, Raped Developmentally Disabled Female Inmate

A male inmate who identified as a transgender woman groomed and raped an intellectually disabled female inmate after being transferred to a women's prison, a former correctional officer has stated.

Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love, born Hobby Bingham, was convicted in Louisiana in 2003 after raping a 12 year old girl. Love was sentenced to six years, but was imprisoned for just two. After his release, he moved to Washington state, where he was required to register as a sex offender.

In 2018, Love was arrested again on other criminal charges, and declared a transgender identity which required the State of Washington to ultimately relocate him to the Washington Corrections Center for Women. Love's transfer was completed in January of 2021, and four months later a whistleblower from the correctional staff reported to a local radio program that Love had been found "having sex" with a female inmate.

But while this interaction was initially reported as consensual, details revealed in November demonstrate the woman Love engaged with was in fact developmentally disabled, and had been groomed by Love into believing they were "soulmates." The woman was also a survivor of sexual violence.

Speaking to National Review, Scott Flemming, a former correctional officer at the prison, noted that the relationship between Love and the female inmate had been described by the witnessing officer as one of "predator-victim" rather than “two inmates in love, after having consensual intercourse.”

Disturbingly, the incident report on the interaction between Love and the female inmate had been "erased" from the system when the witnessing officer went to check on it one month later. Flemming noted that it was likely "part of a coverup" as the Washington Department of Corrections faced a lawsuit barring the release of information on inmate gender identity following the first whistleblower's initial appearance on the radio program in May.

Following the female inmate's release, Love was relocated to a new cell where he was allegedly communicating his desire to impregnate a female inmate to make a "billion dollar baby." According to Flemming, Love was likely referring to the settlement the Department of Corrections would pay female prisoners who sue after getting impregnated in jail.

Love was released earlier this year, and according to other inmates he immediately cut his hair and went back to using his male identity upon his release. His current whereabouts are unknown, and he has often been transient in the past.

The shocking case has renewed widespread concern over the placement of biological males in women's correctional institutions.

In California, multiple female inmates launched a lawsuit against their state's Department of Corrections over the mass transfer of males to women's prisons. Amongst the plaintiffs is a woman who was sexually assaulted by a male inmate who had been relocated to her institution under what is effectively a no-questions-asked self-identification policy.

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