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Rape Fetishist Sitting on Trans Media Advisory Committee

Rape Fetishist Sitting on Trans Media Advisory Committee

A trans-identified male who creates VR pornography and has posted rape fantasies to his social media is involved in producing style guides which advise media organizations on “appropriate language” for reporting on issues related to “gender identity.”

Ana Valens, previously known as Philip Wythe, works with the Trans Journalist Association to create style guides intended to be used as “a tool reporters, editors and other media makers can use to begin to improve trans coverage.”

As 4W previously revealed, the Association encourages media to avoid giving a platform to TERFs or so-called “gender critical feminists,” and provides a list of terms for journalists to avoid, such as ‘biological gender,’ ‘biological sex,’ ‘biological woman,’ ‘biological female,’ ‘biological man,’ or ‘biological male,' stating that references to biological reality "are inaccurate and often offensive.”

In their style guide, the Association also promotes the "killing" – or, the outright termination in research or publication – of stories about trans criminals, and the censure of detransitioners.

Valens writes extensively about pornography for The Daily Dot and describes himself as a “NSFW reporter” specializing in adult content on LinkedIn. Other bylines include articles published in Vice, Vox, Truthout, and Rolling Stone. He has reviewed pornography games that feature themes of BDSM, hentai, and furrydom. One VR pornography game highlighted by Valens, VR Kanojo, has as its main character a Japanese schoolgirl designed to appear underage, and users can “hang out with her while she studies,” or choose to fondle her or watch her shower.

In July 2020, Valens wrote an essay for The Daily Dot arguing that public sex is “is a way of life for many queers across genders”, and “this includes semi-private locations (such as a bathroom stall) and openly public ones (such as a park).”

Last November, UK-based feminists covered a nude statue of women’s rights activist Mary Wollstonecraft which was recently erected in a public park. Women’s rights campaigners placed a shirt bearing the phrase “woman: adult human female” on the statue, which Valens compared to vandalism. He went on to claim that the dictionary definition of the word “woman” is a  “dog-whistle for TERFs who use it to claim trans women cannot be women.”

Valens also creates “interactive fiction games” which promote his own paraphilias. One such game, called She Hungered, incorporates several of Valens’ fetishes, including vorarephilia – a fantasy in which one fetishizes being eaten alive or eating another person or animal alive.

On August 31, 2020, Valens uploaded disturbing audio recordings to his Twitter account wherein he described a sadomasochistic sexual fantasy involving “breeding facilities” that would allow him to rape women at any time or place, including in public.

“In the future, there are a number of institutions that emerge… that are community-run institutions where, if you are a trans girl, you can go ahead and sign up for a reservation slot to an all-day access to one of many breeding facilities where you get to breed the sh*t out of that cis girl p*ssy, you can absolutely devastate that sh*t, f*cking destroy it, murder it. They have to cycle the girls out. We have breeding saunas, breeding bookstores, breeding movie theatres. This is something we’re building. This is the future. This is what TERFs don’t want. The future that I want… is a world where you can walk down the street and don’t even have to worry about whether you’re going to be able to breed that good p*ss. That’s the future for all of us.”

The next day, Valens reiterated this violent sexual rhetoric in a tweet where he imagined “12 to 14 trans women who all initiate breeding facilities where we hive (sic) five each other while spitroasting cis women.”

Valens is just one of many concerning figures sitting on the organizational committee for the Trans Journalist Association, the style guide of which has apparently been implemented at multiple major media outlets.

In March, Open University Philosophy of Sport Senior Lecturer Jon Pike had one of his articles on trans-identified males in women's sports edited without his consent to abide by the TJA style guide.

The Association's guide was also advertised as a key reporting resource by AJ+ to its 1.2 million Twitter followers in December 2020.

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