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Breaking Down Claims of a "Trans Genocide"

Breaking Down Claims of a "Trans Genocide"

Despite repeated trans activist claims that the trans community is experiencing an epidemic of violence on a Holocaust-like scale, their own data seems to paint a decidedly different picture.

On November 1st, Forbes published a column from writer Dawn Ennis titled "Life Goes On For Dave Chappelle, Netflix, As 2 More Trans Women Killed." Ennis, a trans-identified male, attempted to assert a very sloppy link between the violence trans people are purported to face and Dave Chappelle's popular Netflix comedy special in which he very mildly critiqued the trans rights movement.

The disingenuity is particularly profound considering that neither one of the two trans women Ennis cites in his article while trying to craft the narrative died due to their gender identity. In fact, their deaths had nothing to do with being transgender at all.

Jo Acker, 26, tragically passed while bravely attempting to save others during a mass shooting in Boise, Idaho that left many dead and injured. Jessie Heart, 42, was a homeless individual found dead by police while living transiently. Heart's cause of death has not yet been determined.

Ennis' article highlights a theme amongst trans activists, and that is their chronic tendency to craft oppression out of thin air. The pearl-clutching references to the "transgender people taken by violence in 2021" can be found repeated ad nauseam across the internet, with activists claiming transwomen in particular are being "literally murdered," social media code for something akin to 'dropping like flies.'

And, of course, the implication is always to suggest that all of those deaths were the result of hateful violence towards the trans community.

But that's simply not true.

In fact, according to the Human Rights Campaign's running list of trans deaths, only two of the murders they've documented of trans people in 2021 so far are being investigated as potential hate crimes, though HRC categorizes all 44 of the deaths as hate crimes even where that is obviously and patently false. Often, articles dedicated to the deceased's details are shoved beneath paragraphs decrying a lack of social acceptance – even where tolerance or a lack-thereof had absolutely nothing to do with their deaths.

For example, Rayanna Pardo died after being hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street. Pardo's death was sensationalized by LGBT activist outlets at-length, with some claiming Pardo had been pushed into traffic by a blood-thirsty transphobic mob despite no such evidence being available.

Others from the list include Zoella Martinez, who was fatally shot during a robbery, Jennifer Jean Makos ('Whispering Wind Bear Spirit'), who was murdered during a drug-related confrontation, and Tru Starlet, who was murdered by a boyfriend.

In fact, the vast majority of the trans people killed in 2021 who were not killed during general crimes (drug-related, drive-by shootings, gang-related violence, etc) were murdered by intimate partners or boyfriends.

HRC themselves admits that up to 74% of the trans-identified individuals murdered since 2013 were killed by a friend or intimate partner. In all cases where this type of suspect is known, it was a boyfriend or male lover.

Another pattern is the amount of trans people killed in 2021 being from Chicago, which has recently experienced a massive surge in deadly violence overall. Out of the 44 trans people documented as being murdered by HRC, 4 of them were killed in Chicago alone. So far this year, 678 people have been murdered in Chicago, with 2020 and 2021 seeing significant increases over the past years.

Out of the extensive HRC list, only the deaths of Miss CoCo and Dominique Jackson stood out as potential hate crimes. Potential if only because in neither case have police validated claims that it was a hate crime, and only in that of Miss CoCo are they even investigating it as one.

As of 2019, 1.36 million adults (or .54%, of the U.S population at the time) identified as transgender or non-binary – meaning that 44 deaths, even if hypothetically all were hate crimes, would represent .003% of the trans population being the victim of a hate-motivated murdering. This would equal roughly 3.2 homicides per 100,000 trans people.

That same year, the homicide rate in the United States was 5.0 per 100,000 (increasing to 7.8 per 100,000 in 2020), suggesting that the trans death rate, even if all deaths were considered hate-driven homicides, was lower than the homicide rate overall.

In October, similar claims of a genocidal endemic of trans deaths by U.K activists were refuted by writer Madison Smith, who published an extensive breakdown of claims being made that trans people in the U.K were at disproportionate risk compared to everyone else.

In fact, Smith notes that "... we know that there have been just eight reported murders of people who defined themselves as transgender, transsexual or cross-dressers in the UK since reporting began in 2008. Even trans organisation Transrespect, which includes people who have committed suicide and people whose death was originally and erroneously treated as suspicious in their numbers for “murdered” victims, says the number from 2008 to 2020 is eleven."

Smith goes on to write that hate crimes in general across the U.K have been "in long term decline" when adjusted for measures which have begun to broaden the definition for what a hate crime constitutes. And certainly, one could absolutely see hate crimes against trans people skyrocketing if "misgendering" and "mean stickers" are now counted as such.

Briefly shifting over to trans deaths aggregate Remembering Our Dead, their  records display 409 trans deaths internationally from October of 2020 to present day. Their list includes every trans death – including those who died in crimes unrelated to gender identity. It even includes suicides, such as that of Ambre Istier of Isère, France, who allegedly asked a good friend to end his life.

By comparison, the latest data shows that 137 women are murdered every single day in situations of domestic abuse alone. I can't imagine what that figure would look like if femicide observatories utilized the same metrics as trans activists and counted every woman's death, even those totally unrelated to sex-based violence, as evidence towards their narrative.

Even the most cursory glimpse over available data – even that from trans activist organizations themselves – demonstrate that the tearful, beckoning cries of "stop killing trans people" are histrionic at best, and intentionally disingenuous at worse.

But another detail worth noting is the peculiar, misogynistic tendency trans activists like Evan Greer have, which is to place the onus of all trans deaths on so-called "TERFs" (also known as "women who don't believe men are women").

Not a single trans person killed in 2021 (or any other year, for that matter) was murdered by a feminist activist. None. Zero. In no case where there was a declared suspect was the murderer a female full stop.

Yet despite that fact, three women have been murdered by trans activists in the recent past. In Oakland, trans-identified male LGBT activist Dana Rivers was charged with murdering lesbian couple Charlotte Reed and Patricia Wright, as well as their adopted son Benny. In Berkley, non-binary social justice activist Pablo Gomez Jr. was sentenced to 39 years for murdering one woman and attempting to murder another.

It all begs the question of why trans activists are intent on both pushing a narrative which has no basis in reality, and ardently blaming women for their fantasy of victimization.

I'll leave you with this... Recently, trans activists decried a (frankly bizarre) 'manifesto' written by Lily Cade, a porn star who was one of the lesbians interviewed for a BBC article on homosexual women who felt pressured to accept trans-identified males as partners. And while the activists screeched about how Cade purported to want a trans genocide – looking at the above data makes one thing clear:

No one seems to want a trans genocide more than trans activists themselves.

They want it so badly they'll make one up where it doesn't exist.

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