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Serial Sexual Predator Running High School Scholarship

Serial Sexual Predator Running High School Scholarship

A disturbing investigation has found that multiple American high schools are encouraging their students to apply for a scholarship with a man who is under investigation for making and selling revenge porn of unwitting young women and girls.

Three separate women launched suits against Philip T. Sobash, an Arkansas doctor, accusing him of being “a serial sexual predator" who had groomed them into sending him nude images and lewd videos.

Sobash would apparently then post the media with his victims’ names and other personal identifying information onto "misogynistic incel" websites where he would incite the disturbed men to harass and abuse the women. He also sold some of the photos to them under a "custom revenge porn" scheme.

Multiple women in different states have since come forward with similar stories about Sobash, including one from Tennessee who says he tried to fly her out to have sex with him when she was just 16, and had posted nude photos of her on the internet when she was 15.

In lieu of an apparent FBI investigation in Sobash's conduct, the Arkansas medical board unanimously voted to accept a surrender of his license in August.

But despite the still-ongoing legal investigations into his predatory behaviour, Sobash is operating a scholarship aimed at young "future doctors." The domain for his scholarship was registered in June, just two months before he lost his license.

In addition to a scholarship, Sobash announced in an October press release that he has created a mentorship program for the young prospective medical students.

According to an investigation by Daily Wire journalist Luke Rosiak, multiple high schools across the U.S are encouraging medical school-minded students to submit their information to Sobash in order to have a shot at his $1,000 scholarship.

Vulnerable students would be required to submit their names, emails, home addresses, phone numbers, and other pieces of personal data to Sobash for his review.

Of the High Schools advertising Sobash's scholarship, only two have completely removed the opportunity from student availability despite Rosiak's attempt to notify the schools of the ongoing criminal investigation into Sobash. Two others did not respond at all, and one is currently 'investigating.'

Despite having a surrendered license, Sobash is still listed as a resident doctor at the White River Health System in Batesville, Arkansas. When contacted by the Daily Wire regarding Sobash's employment, White River had a man claiming to be a paralegal respond on their behalf, who blamed "feminists" for the continued controversy.

The man was later revealed not to be a paralegal at all, but a convicted fraudster who runs a shady public relations company.

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