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Identity Crisis: The Non-Binary Craze

Demi Lovato typifies the trend of young women attempting to flee womanhood after a life of trauma

Identity Crisis: The Non-Binary Craze

In 2019, I was fired from my job as a software engineer at a Philadelphia agency for writing an article about the rising trend of young women identifying as "non-binary." The article discussed my experience of watching my three roommates all adopt the label within a single year, each of them exemplifying in various ways how the desire to escape womanhood is fueled by trauma, homophobia, and internalized misogyny.

Three years later, the trend has only continued to grow. Girls who identify as non-binary are the largest segment of trans youth, according to research by the Human Rights Campaign, with girls being seven times more likely to identify as non-binary than boys. The impacted girls and young women are overwhelmingly lesbian or bisexual, victims of sexual violence, and have a history of mental health issues. Demi Lovato, who recently announced she now identifies as non-binary, is the perfect example of this.

In the latest episode of Identity Crisis, Sasha and I discuss Demi Lovato, the non-binary craze, why girls want to escape the reality of being female, and the disturbing trend of medical schools teaching students to deny the biology sex.

Check out my new article in Quillette breaking down the internalized misogyny of Demi Lovato's new identity:

Sorry, Demi Lovato: You Can’t Fight Sexism by Opting Out of Womanhood

Read the original article:

Non-Binary Is the New “Not Like Other Girls”
...and it’s deeply rooted in misogyny

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