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Live Q&A With 4W Founder M. K. Fain - June 27, 2 pm ET

On cancel culture, radical feminism, fighting big tech, and more!

Live Q&A With 4W Founder M. K. Fain - June 27, 2 pm ET

4W will be hosting a live Q&A on Patreon with 4W Founder M. K. Fain. The livestream will be on Saturday June 27, and will begin at 2:00 pm Eastern (US). (Click for other time zones).

M. K. is an American feminist writer and activist. She is also the co-founder Spinster.xyz, a feminist social media platform, a volunteer with the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, and is involved in a variety of other feminist initiatives.

In July of 2019, M. K. was fired from her job as a software engineer for writing a blog about the rise of non-binary identity among young women. That article went viral, and laid the groundwork for 4W as it is today—almost a year later.

Non-Binary Is the New “Not Like Other Girls,” and it’s Deeply Rooted in Misogyny
In the summer of 2018 I lived in a house with 3 other women. We spent a lot oftime together that year, and there were many late-night conversations about thesexism, misogyny, and male violence we had experienced. We talked about notfitting into what society had expected of women, we stopped shavi…

The live Q&A will be available to all supporters of 4W on Patreon. Questions may be submitted in advance on social media or Patreon, or asked live on Youtube chat.

Everything is fair game!

Potential topics include: 4W, Spinster, what it's like being #cancelled, social media censorship, big tech, feminist in-fighting and trashing culture, animal rights, houseplants, and relationships. We may get personal. Tea may be spilled.


Live Q&A with M. K. Fain
Saturday, June 27 2020
2 pm Eastern (US) / 11 am Pacific (US) / 1 pm Central (US) / 7 pm UK
Register at: https://www.patreon.com/mkfain


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