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Male Serial Killer Housed At Washington Women's Prison

Male Serial Killer Housed At Washington Women's Prison

A violent male serial killer who murdered three prostituted women is currently being housed at the Washington Correctional Center for Women after securing a transfer under recent self-identification laws.

Donna Perry, born Douglas, murdered three prostituted women in a four-month timeframe in 1990 – but claimed to have killed nine. Yolanda Sapp, 26, Nicki Lowe, Nicki Lowe, 34, and Kathleen Brisbois, 38, were all murdered with a gun and their bodies were found naked and dumped near the Spokane River.

Kathleen Brisbois [L], Nicki Lowe [C], Yolanda Sapp [R]

Perry avoided suspicion following the heinous murders, and fled to Thailand in 2000 to undergo gender reassignment surgeries. It wasn't until a 2012 DNA test following a conviction for illegal firearms possession that Perry was forensically connected to all three murders.

During the trial proceedings, prosecutors contended that Perry had only undergone his gender changes to avoid suspicion for the murders and shirk justice. This was in part fueled by the fact Perry referred to his "male" and "female" identities in separate contexts, accusing his "male" side of having committed the crimes while his "female" identity was innocent of them.

Media reports during Perry's sentencing uniformly referred to him as a "woman" and by "she/her" pronouns. Some also claimed that males who transition experience a "downturn in violence" after identifying as a woman – a claim that was debunked by a peer-reviewed long-term study published by Swedish researchers in 2011 which found that trans-identified males who underwent a full surgical transition "retained a male pattern regarding criminality."

In May 2021, a whistleblower at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) revealed that Perry had been transferred to the women's estate, and was just one of over 150 males in line for the same move.

In December 2021, a female former inmate at the WCCW anonymously came forward and reported that the institution had been experiencing a wave of sexual assaults on vulnerable female inmates by trans-identified males who received transfers to the facility after identifying as female.

One such assault was committed by Princess Zoe Andromeda Love, a biological male with a criminal history that included the rape of a 12-year-old girl. Love sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled female inmate just prior to his release – at which point he allegedly began identifying as male again.

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