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Pink News Quietly Issues Retraction Over 'TERF Cult' Hit Piece

Pink News Quietly Issues Retraction Over 'TERF Cult' Hit Piece

Infamously woke trans activist outlet Pink News has issued an apology to British journalist Julie Bindel after apparently settling litigation initiated last year.

In May 2020, Pink News published an article under the headline "The ‘gender critical’ feminist movement is a cult that grooms, controls and abuses, according to a lesbian who managed to escape."

The article, which has now been removed from Pink News' site, was centred around the alleged experience of writer Amy Dyess. Dyess claimed to have been a "gender critical feminist" – a feminist critical of the impact of transgender ideology on women's rights. She said she began to reject such beliefs – including ones she had held that the lesbian community was being pressured into accommodating males who identified as females –  and weaves a harrowing tale of escape from what she calls a "cult."

Dyess told Pink News that an "international network of powerful lesbians" had "groomed her when she was vulnerable and sleeping in her car," and sought to "control her, keeping tabs on her movements and dictating what she could and couldn’t say." Dyess also accuses the gender critical feminist movement of being "emotionally and sexually abusive towards her."

In the Pink News article, a "British lesbian" is vaguely mentioned as even allegedly offering an arranged marriage for Dyess, an American, so that she could stay in the United Kingdom.

While Julie Bindel is not explicitly mentioned in the article, online trans activists were quick to correlate open statements on Dyess' social media with the details from the Pink News hitpiece. On her Twitter, Dyess named Bindel multiple times as the British lesbian feminist who had "offered to find" her a wife. Bindel launched a litigation shortly after for libel.

As of October 25, 2021, Pink News has removed the piece on Amy Dyess, and has replaced it with a through-link which takes users to a joint statement, reading:

“PinkNews and Julie Bindel are pleased to confirm that they have settled the case over the article PinkNews published on 17 May 2020, which chronicled a young American’s account of their recruitment to and time involved with a ‘gender critical cult’. The article made a number of serious allegations of misconduct and PinkNews accepts that if the allegations were understood to refer to Julie, they would be wholly untrue.

“Julie Bindel accepts that PinkNews published the article without intending to make any such reference to her. PinkNews is sorry for the distress the article caused. It has taken down the article and will not be republishing it. PinkNews has revised its editorial processes

“We are all happy that this matter has been resolved.”

Amy Dyess now goes by the name Beau Dyess, and has allegedly come out as transgender in recent months.

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