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Trans Activist Allegedly Tries to Burn Lesbians at French Pride March

Bordeaux lesbian march disrupted by Antifa.

Trans Activist Allegedly Tries to Burn Lesbians at French Pride March

French feminists are circulating a disturbing video from Bordeaux Pride showing trans activists disrupting a lesbian march and seemingly attempting to burn the women marching with a lit flare.

The footage, posted by radical feminist group Résistance Lesbienne, describes the incident as a "trans-identified male" from extremist group Antifa trying to burn the lesbians holding a pride march in the port city of Bordeaux.

The video shows a procession of women marching with signs opposing recent pushes to demand lesbians open up their sexual preferences to include trans-identified males, one reading "lesbians don't have penises."

The women are suddenly approached by a small group of individuals described to be trans actvists. They are holding a sign which reads "ANTI TERF" in red, with one of the activists holding a lit flare he is swinging towards the lesbian demonstrators.

At one point, the activist with the burning flare appears to charge at some of the women near the individual filming, leading to a scuffle and causing some of the women to rush away.

This is not the first incident of trans activists targetting lesbian demonstrations in France, with Résistance Lesbienne and other French feminist groups documenting multiple incidents in just the last few months.

In July, footage was circulated showing lesbian demonstrators being physically assaulted by trans activists during Paris Pride for protesting against males identifying into lesbianism.

In France, attacks on women's rights activists are being limited to just lesbian causes, and appear to be increasing in severity. In March, French feminists attempted to hold an information protest against sexual exploitation which was violently interrupted by trans activists.

Women who gathered to demonstrate against the sex trade at a statue at Palace de Rèpublique were pelted with eggs and assaulted with red spray paint in their eyes.

Later, the statue where the incident had taken place was spray painted with words translating to "save a trans person, kill a TERF."

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