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Adele Called TERF for Saying She Loves “Being a Woman” at "Gender-Neutral" Awards

Brit Awards turned "gender neutral" after last year's intervention by Sam Smith.

Adele Called TERF for Saying She Loves “Being a Woman” at "Gender-Neutral" Awards

Yesterday, Adele won Artist of the Year at the first-ever “gender-neutral” Brit Awards. In her acceptance speech, she said: “I understand why this has changed, but I really love being a woman and a female artist. I’m really proud of us.”

Thus, some people online have been speculating Adele is transphobic, or a “TERF - trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” For certain Twitter users, a contributing factor to the singer’s “transphobia” is Adele’s whiteness and her British nationality.

Such a claim could be stemming from the fact that British women constitute the biggest defense block against trans-fuelled misogyny, which even earned the British Isles the nickname “TERF Island.”

Beside “transphobia,” Twitter users have accused Adele of “enbyphobia,” claiming she meant her Brit Awards comment as a “dig at nonbinary artists.”

While some social media users have vouched never to spend a cent on Adele’s records, many others have expressed support and a wish the singer wouldn’t back down or apologize.

Agatha Apocalypse wrote: “I really hope Adele was making a point in her speech. It must have been very lonely for JKR but to have another world famous, powerful and independently wealthy woman at her side would be wonderful for her. I too love being a woman and female. Solidarity.”

The change from a sexed to a “gender-neutral” award happened after singer Sam Smith - who identifies as non-binary - called organizers out for not being inclusive enough in 2021.

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