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Dating App HER Suspended from Twitter after Insulting Lesbians

Dating app for "queer women" had its account suspended after tweeting sexualised insults at lesbians.

Dating App HER Suspended from Twitter after Insulting Lesbians
Graphic by 4W.pub. Top half: tweet by Her App. Bottom half: Her App promotional graphic

On Lesbian Day of Visibility, April 26 2023, “HER”, a dating app which claims to be for “queer women” was banned from Twitter after posting abusive comments at women who challenge their policies.

The day before, a lesbian woman was targeted by HER App’s Twitter account. A user called Terfasaurus tweeted “We can't use 'deadnames' but these rapists and abusers are free to steal the names of gender critical women? This kind of behavior is chilling.” She was referring to a convicted male pedophile who has adopted the same name as broadcaster Claire Fox, who founded Academy of Ideas to promote free speech.

Despite the tweet not having anything to do with the app, or dating, the HER App account retweeted “Terfasaurus,” saying “Can the terfs not afford knitting supplies? Somebody start a gofundme, lest their gaping assholes catch a cold.”

The lesbian’s partner, Aja, also denounced the abuse. “So this is wild,” she said. “The dating app for Lesbians (and anyone who says they are a lesbian, including men) HER which I'm banned from have got their jock straps in a twist over my partner @terfasaurus.”

In a subsequent tweet, Aja called for a Boycott of the app. “We’re gonna #boycottHerApp - to be fair, they boycotted me by banning me from their lesbian dating app and blocking me on Twitter because I said I only wanted to meet women.”

Lesbians who tried HER but won’t accept dating men who self-declare as lesbians are banned from the app. HER App’s pinned tweet used to be: "This is just a start. As you can see by the TERFs who consistently badger us and our users, we still need to do more so that it is 100% clear: the HER app is for queer women, trans, gnc, and non-binary people. Not solely one type of queer."

“I have repeatedly heard from lesbians that they’re getting banned from Tinder and Her," wrote user “The Gender Critical Furby.”

The administrator of HER App account continued to target users who would call for the boycott of the app, retweeting them, writing “You heard here first! #boycotttheherapp if you're using the term "lesbian" as a weapon to promote transphobia and bigotry,” or “HER is not a safe space for transphobes. GTFO.”

“The Twitter argument that eventually led to HER App getting suspended was over them getting flack for DEFENDING the pedophile who abused his own daughter,” said another user, Diana. “When people, notably many lesbians, pushed back they responded abusively and disgustingly.”

According to user Jane Doe, “HER app for HIM  has been suspended after the vile lesbophobic misogynistic comments hurled at lesbians… There was a TiM [a Trans Identified Male] retweeting/tweeting lesbians with violent threats non stop yesterday. Vile, violent, and grossly pornified.”

Among others, HER app targeted a lesbian called Gaye Chapman, who tweeted on April 24 “There is no such thing as a trans lesbian. Males cannot by definition be lesbians. Women who partner with transladies cannot by definition be lesbians. Lesbians are female homosexual human beings. Please find another term, lesbian is already taken.” HER app shared Gaye’s tweet responding “Sit down. You're not a lesbian at all, you're TERF-sexual. You just want your kitty pet by other TERFs.”

Eva Kurilova, another lesbian, who told HER app “Men aren’t lesbians” was met with the response: “Weird way to ask for tit pics, babe.” In response to another user who wrote “Grow up, creep”, the HER app Twitter admin replied: "Must... stay... young... for... pedos."

After being banned from Twitter, HER App, which claims to be a dating space for “queer women, trans, gnc, and non-binary people,” released a “visibility statement” on their website called “The TERFs who stole ‘lesbian,’” saying that, this year, they were “snatching back the term 'lesbian' from the clutches of TERFs and bigots who’ve tried to hijack it to fuel their transphobia and hatred.”

“TERFs, or trans-exclusionary radical ‘feminists,’ harbor some of the most twisted and erroneous beliefs about feminism and what being a lesbian can or cannot entail,” the statement says. “They insist that only those assigned female at birth can be lesbians.”

The statement, written by HER App founder, Robyn Exton, also cites author J.K. Rowling, calling her the “lady of transphobia herself” and claims that “lesbians are not being erased by trans people,” that the “future of lesbians is trans. It’s non-binary. It’s inclusive” and that "‘Lesbians' is ours.”

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