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Lesbian Grassroots Group Hits US Cities with 'Save the Tomboys' Trucks

Trucks with the slogan “Save the Tomboys” appeared in LA, NYC and Boston to raise awareness about homophobia in the gender movement.

Lesbian Grassroots Group Hits US Cities with 'Save the Tomboys' Trucks

A US grassroots group, Lesbians United, has been driving trucks with the slogan “Save the Tomboys,” to raise awareness about homophobia in the gender movement.

The recent campaign includes three trucks, which have already shown up in Boston on June 6, in Los Angeles on June 12 and in New York City on June 13 and 14. “The LA truck spent the day near the pride parade route,” said Lesbians United National Organizer, T, to 4W. There will also be “mass stickering going on in LA and four other major US cities.”

Lesbians United, a lesbian-only organization with members accross the United States, launched on February 1, 2022 with a public information campaign entitled "Understanding Child Transition." The group is “particularly concerned with the mass medicalization of tomboys, who are disproportionately likely to grow up lesbian.”

Talking to 4W, T said that the organization was contacted in May, 2022, by a group of concerned parents, whose children were “caught up in gender ideology.” These parents saw Lesbians United website with their first public campaign, and wrote to the organization, proposing to buy advertising space on a truck. Their goal was to do some “guerrilla street campaigning” to “counteract predatory and homophobic ‘pride’ events during June.”

“The parents wish to remain anonymous for their own and their children's safety,” said T. “Lesbians United is handling the graphics, messaging, and social media for the #SaveTheTomboys campaign, and the parents handled most of the funding.”

“We are dedicated to fighting homophobia in all its forms, including transgenderism and the "queer" movement, she said. “We advocate for the health and safety of lesbians through public information campaigns, both online and off.”

Both Lesbians United and the parents who sponsored the #SaveTheTomboys campaign believe in the importance of raising public awareness around the “sexual medical abuse of children and teens who don't fit sex-based stereotypes.” The organization is already planning other projects for this year, which will include “two more social media campaigns, a closed course for lesbians on website design, and a review of the literature on hormone blockers.” The immense workload for these campaigns and the positive feedback means that Lesbians United has even started to call for volunteers.

Lesbians United was founded by a “lesbian housewife, a healthcare worker, and a computer programmer,” who call themselves T, P, and C, to protect their identities.

"There are a huge number of good parents out there who are terrified for their children, and have been intimidated into silence,” says T, the group’s National Organizer and a former academic who has spent over a decade fighting “postmodernist homophobia” in U.S. universities. “We're being contacted again and again by parents who say, 'My daughter is probably a lesbian, and she's caught up in this ideology, and I'm trying to keep her off hormones.' These parents aren't homophobic. They'd be happy to end up with a healthy lesbian daughter."

Another founding member, P, a healthcare worker who is now their Social Media Director, says that the girls who are being medicalized right now remind her of her younger self. “Only,” she explains, “I was allowed to grow up in my own body,” she says. The group’s web developer, C, another founding member, said that, in 2019, she was pressured by her employers, colleagues, and friends to “transition” for being “gender non-conforming.” Since then, she said, she had been “routinely singled out by managers, instructors, and random strangers.”

“I'm tired of lesbians bearing the brunt of the collateral damage of this culture war,” said C. “I'm proud to be involved in getting the word out.”

Speaking to 4W, the group’s spokeswoman said: “Most lesbians worldwide oppose sexual abuse, medical experimentation, and conversion therapy—everything the so-called ‘TQ+’ stands for. So far, our voices have been drowned out by lobbyists, nonprofits, and corporations bearing the false acronym 'LGBTQ+.'”

“Lesbians United is here to set the record straight. It’s time for Big Med and Big Pharma to stop abusing children in our name,” she added.

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