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Trans Activists Create Tool to Silence Feminists on Twitter

Trans activists have created a spreadsheet and reporting tool titled “Report a Transphobe.”

Trans Activists Create Tool to Silence Feminists on Twitter

Feminist campaigner Christie Grace has uncovered a coordinated attempt to suppress freedom of speech on Twitter. Trans activists have created a spreadsheet and reporting tool titled “Report a Transphobe.” The document includes a list of 4,316 Twitter users deemed to be “transphobic” with instructions about how to report accounts that violate social media terms and conditions.

“Report a Transphobe” contains Twitter handles of politicians, news outlets, journalists and campaigners from across the globe. 4WPub was listed alongside many of our regular contributors.

Instructions advise those seeking to report accounts that they can simply “Click the random transphobe search generator link,” a tool which filters tweets belonging to those listed according to whether they contained key words such as “trans.” Once added, users are able to easily send multiple reports for “weeks/months/years to come.”

Dr Helen Joyce, author of the best-seller Trans: when ideology meets reality, was one of those listed. She says:

“It's depressing to see campaigners for a supposed human-rights cause so invested in silencing anyone who disagrees with them. No one who has faith in the righteousness of their cause, or the excellence of their arguments, would behave like this.”

Details on the spreadsheet reveal that it was created just over a year ago and that 907 of those listed as “transphobes” had been sanctioned (27% of the total) and 477 had been suspended (14% of the total).

Those wishing to add suspected “transphobes” to the list are advised to use an anonymous reporting tool.  Examples of “outright transphobic statements” that might lead to inclusion on the list include saying “puberty blockers are child abuse” and “trans women are men.”

Grace had to “pretend” to be a trans activist to access a link to the spreadsheet. She explained:

“I went undercover to get the old link, then had to contact TRA to get new link, pretend I was TRA… [The] Old link was replaced by public link but I had to ask for it.”

Text on the spreadsheet advises users “to use willpower to refrain from responding to transphobes because it is WAY more satisfying to report 15 of their most transphobic tweets and then one week later get a notification from Twitter saying they’ve been suspended for hateful content…You can get extra revenge by adding them to our list.”

The spreadsheet has come to light just days after Elon Musk, who has become a majority share-owner on Twitter, vowed to restore banned accounts.

Musk said earlier this month:

"Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

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