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Opinion: Police in the U.K Have Lost Their Minds.

Opinion: Police in the U.K Have Lost Their Minds.

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

No, it's a rainbow-decal police car squeaking through the busy streets of Manchester, looking as though it just blew out of the Big Top Circus in hot-pursuit of a runaway clown. Careful – don't laugh at them too hard or you might just get a ticket or thrown in the gallows on some vaguely-defined "hate" charge.

To me, a humble foreigner, it appears as though police forces in the United Kingdom have lost their minds.

Just this week, a trans-identified male Hertfordshire Police Special Constable was called out for breaching his force's own dress code in order to look a tad bit more ladylike. Donning heavy make-up and mould green nail-polish that many onlookers noted would never be acceptable for a female officer, Cherry O'Donnell was insulated from the criticism as his force simply threatened to "report" any critics.

This is hardly the first time a U.K-based police force has threatened to sound the meanie-weenie alarm on people who launch the mildest of concerns about their gender politics-pandering conduct.

In November of 2021, the Essex Police began an investigation into jocular comments made beneath a Twitter post it had made in which it solemnly remembered the lives of the exactly-f*cking-zero transgender people murdered in the United Kingdom that year.

In October, a literal counter-terrorism probe was launched after a West Midlands transgender officer in a very unfortunate wig allegedly received "two million hate comments" over the internet. I cannot promise I did not contribute to that number.

Officer Skye Morden

Ah, and who could forget Police Constable Amy Tapping, who, on the official LGBT Police UK Twitter, went into hysterics at the mere suggestion police in the U.K should record criminals by their biological sex rather than their gender identity. Tapping lashed out and, in apparent retaliation, suggested female victims of crime should instead be erased –  a comment made on the heels of Sarah Everard's horrific murder. Of course, critics were similarly threatened with "reporting."

Of course the list is near-endless, but as entertaining as it is, all of this is hardly without its real-world consequences.

The virtue signal-drunk U.K police forces are more than just memes, they are still police. They have authority, and have used that authority in truly gut-churning ways.

In 2019, Hertfordshire Police busted into a woman's home and arrested her in front of her young children after she was reported for misgendering a trans-identified male on Twitter. Kate Scottow was held in a cell for 7 hours and denied feminine hygiene products. Upon her release, she had her electronic devices seized and held for weeks whilst she was in the middle of completing a degree in which a laptop is a vital tool.

And then, of course, there is the case of Marion Miller – a Scottish feminist who was arrested after posting a photograph of a suffragette ribbon on the internet. Miller's case was ultimately (and thankfully) dropped, but the lengthy legal ordeal she was subjected to couldn't have been a pleasant one.

Again, there are more examples than I can fit in this short piece. And the direct imposition of gender-ideology via these psychotic uniformed wokelords is hardly the only thing I can point to as a consequence of how off-the-rails these U.K police forces appear to have become.

Indeed, my wheezing laughter is almost always interrupted by thoughts of the very real damage they have done, are doing, and will do in the continued name of being more politically correct than they are actually effective at doing their supposed jobs.

The West Midlands Police, where the counter-terrorism probe is being launched into jokes made of bewigged officer Skye Morden, had previously admitted to ignoring known grooming gangs targeting young girls in their jurisdiction. They also lost 30 hours of crucial footage related to that investigation.

The Essex Police, where moments of silence were dedicated to the non-existent transgender victims of hate-motivated murders, were sued after not taking action even after being alerted by parents to a dangerous criminal involving himself with their 14-year-old son. The boy was tragically murdered.

Just last year, it was revealed that a 19-year-old woman named Shana Grice had been fined by Sussex Police for begging them to help her with a stalker who would go on to slit her throat. This was the same police force which spent thousands of GBP on LGBT rainbow decals for their patrol cars.

The current state of the U.K Police is a tragedy wrapped in a comedy. Just make sure to hide your initial laughter (and your eventual tears) as you might just get "reported" for them.

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