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Lesbian Youtuber Arielle Scarcella On Why She's Leaving the Left

"They've been trying to cancel me for years."

Lesbian Youtuber Arielle Scarcella On Why She's Leaving the Left

Arielle Scarcella is the biggest producer of lesbian content on Youtube. With over 600,000 Youtube subscribers, she’s been making waves in the LGBT community for years. Early this week, it all came to a head with her announcement that she is leaving "the insane progressive left." The announcement comes only days after Scarcella was canceled from an Australian Pride event, where she was previously slated to be the only lesbian speaker.

Scarcella first announced her intention to leave the left in an interview with Tim Pool. In the interview, she blames the extreme cultural left and intolerance for her decision.

The next day, Scarcella dropped a scathing video officially tendering her resignation from the left. “I don’t think like these people, and I no longer want to be associated with them,” she said. “I’ve reached peak LGBT, and this is my coming out video.”

She points out that she has been “canceled, tortured, tormented, and harassed” by other members of the LGBT community.

Scarcella, who has been an avid supporter of LGBT rights, has been accused of being “transphobic” and a “TERF” for her beliefs. A lesbian herself, she believes that lesbians don’t like dick and that it’s not transphobic for lesbians to express their sexual orientation. She also believes that the gender identity movement has gone too far. She cites examples such as a list of 97 genders (we were able to find 117), and male sex offenders being housed in women’s prisons.

“I’ve been called transphobic and I’ve been called a TERF for about five years, since about 2013 when I started making trans-related content,” she said in the interview with Pool.

Although she has had many trans people on her channel, is willing to use preferred pronouns (“even for people I don’t like”), and actively supports trans rights, this was not enough.

"I've reached peak LGBT, and this is my coming out video."

In 2018, Scarcella released a video titled, “Dear Trans Women, Stop Pushing 'Girl Dick' On Lesbians.” In the video, she criticizes the idea that homosexual people have “sexual preferences” or “genital hangups” that they can simply “get over.” She calls the concept “homophobic and sexist” and states, “You know damn well this would never be targeting straight cis men.” This video, among others, has been cited as a reason that Scarcella is a “TERF,” a slur used against women, especially lesbians, who recognize the reality of biological sex.

When Scarcella was announced as a speaker at Sydney Gay Mardi Gras, a massive pride event, the organizers were quickly met with backlash. A petition launched by drag queen Johnny Valkyrie called for her to be removed from the Les-Talk event on women’s sexuality and replaced by “an Australian queer women [sic] who does not engage in transphobia; preferably someone of intersectionality.”

Valkyrie is best known for hosting a Drag Queen story hour at the Brisbane Library. The event faced peaceful protests from a local university conservative group, led by 21-year-old Wilson Gavin, a gay student. Following the protest, members of the group, including Gavin, were doxxed, harassed, and bullied online. Gavin tragically died by suicide the next day. Valkyrie used the opportunity to ask for money.

"This was the only lesbian-centric event in all of Mardi Gras, and now it's not even there."

While the Les-Talk event is still scheduled for February 27th, it was removed from the Sydney Mardi Gras lineup. “This was the only lesbian-centric event in all of Mardi Gras,” said Scarcella, “and now it’s not even there.” The deplatforming, erasure, and disrespect of lesbians in the LGBT community has been a major point of contention for Scarcella.

The cancellation has had a major impact on Scarcella. In an interview with 4W, she stated, “I’ve lost followers, recently had a company let me go, lost friends. I have had a few threats, but more just harassment and name-calling more than anything else.”

She says that more people need to speak out given what is at stake.

Arielle Scarcella, via Instagram

“I’m for trans rights, but not at the expense of female safety. Once it crossed that line, I knew I had to take a much more definitive stance. Male sex offenders identifying as trans women to be placed in women’s prisons? No, thanks.”

According to Scarcella, the loud minority is having a negative impact on LGBT rights. “If they continue down this path,” she said, “they will be more and more hated and LGBT people will be less accepted. These people are the voice of us right now, even though it’s not what the majority of us believe.”

"I'm for trans rights, but not at the expense of female safety. Once it crossed that line, I knew I had to take a much more definitive stance."

Scarcella is one of a handful of women who have been willing to publicly challenge gender identity under her real name. Most people are too afraid, she says. Yet, if everyone who agreed spoke out, the mob would no longer be sustainable.

“I think we need more people who have big audiences to speak out,” she said to Pool. “Nobody wants to be canceled, nobody wants to lose brand deals. So everyone is just ignoring it, not even touching on topics that are important to talk about, or just pretending to go along with it while actually agreeing with what I’ve been saying the whole time and just not saying it publicly.”

The abuse and toxic cancel culture on the left is causing more and more women to feel politically homeless as liberal politicians pander to the “woke” minority. Scarcella says she also feels politically homeless now, and she doesn’t know what is next for her politically. Although she says she has become more conservative, her views have actually changed remarkably little in the past few years. What has changed, though, is the new standard of “progressivism” that the left bears.

“I’ve gotten nothing but support from the older LGBT community,” she told Pool, “but these young woke kids think they’re crazy enlightened. It’s just become a ridiculous amount of moral superiority point-scoring. Who’s the most woke?”

Although Scarcella has certainly received backlash for her announcement, she has also gotten a lot of support. Her initial tweet received over 45,800 likes, and she’s gotten many messages of support.

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