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"Child Lovers" Organize Bail Fundraiser for Trans Twitter Pedophile

"Child Lovers" Organize Bail Fundraiser for Trans Twitter Pedophile

There are no shortage of disturbing things on the internet. And while much of the dirtier side of the world wide web had once been relegated to the seedy parts accessible only by VPNs and malware-ridden browsers, more and more people are coming to realize that some of the darkest corners are in plain sight.

Still, most people likely wouldn't guess now just how well-lit they are. For example, one the largest pedophile forums in the world has been allowed to freely operate on the lightweb for almost 30 years. BoyChat, an archaic message-board style bulletin page was founded in 1995 by an anonymous pedophile only known as Kasper. Posts are required to remain within a strict channel of legality, with no links, photos, contact information, or other unsavoury conversations allowed – though the men often sign their posts with photos of themselves as children in what seems to be an odd ritual akin to autopedophilia.  

Touting 200-300 posts per day, all by anonymous "boy lovers," the site has always been a focal point for those interested in keeping an eye on predators.

I happen to be one such individual. BoyChat regulars have most certainly noticed that, and I wear the grisly murder fantasies those men have posted about me as a badge of honor. One such fantasy included rebar and car tires. But I digress.

Moving on...

During a semi-annual scan of BoyChat's bustling front page, I noticed a call for donations for "an arrested childlover's bond." Curious, I clicked into the title to read the page, posted on October 28 by a user called Halos.

Hey all. In recent days, a childlover who goes by Lyric or June was taken captive by police. While they weren't a boychat user to my knowledge, they were an active member of some other online childlover communities and friend groups. Their roommate has set up the linked bail bond for them. I'll be donating because I can afford to do so, even though I don't know them. Sharing in case others might want to do the same.

The link provided exited to a GoFundMe page titled Make Bail Bond for June, written by someone claiming to be "her" room mate. The vaguely worded description didn't mention what the charges against "Junie" were, specifically, but rather lamented the "justice-less" Texas legal system through which the writer would have you believe "Junie" had been effectively kidnapped by police – for no good reason, too!

While the fundraiser was ascribed to a "Clover Kvalheim" in Fort Worth, Texas – the cached link provided a different name: Casey Deschenes. From experience hosting GoFundMes, I knew that was likely the legal name of the withdrawer of the funds.

My curiosity was thoroughly piqued, and I started my quest for more information.

Through searching for the title of the GoFundMe on various social media sites, I was able to track back to a single Twitter post including the GoFundMe card.

Posted by @nekocapitalism (pronouns: she/her), the tweet called for donations to the fundraiser stating that "Lyric's Body (June) was arrested earlier this week on old charges and we are currently looking for help with making her Bond so she can be free once more."

The user seemed to be a good friend of "June" – and that led me to wonder if the individual in question had a Twitter profile. I spent a few hours combing through followers and following lists, reading through interactions, and inspecting profiles.

One thing that wasn't lost on me was just how many of the profile photos I was sure I'd seen before on my travels across Twitter. And those interactions were almost guaranteed due to the few that had me already blocked.

There was also no shortage of profiles claiming to be minors – with ages ranging from 14 to 16 in their profiles between every other possible buzzword and trendy flag. Of course, the likelihood those were actually minors was slim, but the implications were disturbing. What were most certainly pedophilic men hiding behind cartoon profile pictures, their claims of youth could be interpreted as nothing short of nefarious.

Halos, the BoyChat user whose post had lead me on the journey, made the fatal mistake of using the same username across multiple platforms. On his locked Twitter page, he proudly declares himself a "femboylover" and "child liberationist" stating that "love has no boundaries." There is but a single link visible which takes you to a ZeroBin with links to pro-pedophile propaganda he calls a "youthlove reading list."

Eventually through my digging, I found multiple profiles belonging to "Junie" I confirmed through multiple means.

While the main profile no longer exists, an archived version of the page does – and, yes, lodged between trans rights posts and memes, there is plenty of child pornography on it. I was also unfortunate enough to come across photos of "Junie" in a soiled diaper.

"Junie's" profiles were almost a perfect representation of every bias one could possibly have about certain demographic that exists on Twitter.

The anime profile photo, the pronouns, the gender bending, the pornography obsession, and – of course – an affection for organizations such as Prostasia who herald their pedophile coddling tactics as a revolutionary method to prevent offending. "Junie" had several interactions with Prostasia between the three accounts I was able to find.

But, despite finding ample online presence under various usernames, I still didn't know who "Junie" was.

I began searching through Texas news articles, looking for any child predators who had been recently arrested, but came up empty handed. I assumed "Junie" was a feminized pseudonym, which made my job even more difficult considering I didn't even have a real first or last name to go by, and was relying on trying to compare thousands of mugshots against the cat-censored photo from the GoFundMe. I knew, from the fundraiser, that his bond was $10,000, but even cross-referencing bond postings was proving to be an insurmountable task due to the sheer volume.

Eventually, I realized I needed to take a different approach, and instead began to look for Casey Deschenes – the roommate from the GoFundMe. Deschenes was far easier to find, and I was quickly able to trace him to a residence and phone number in Blue Mound, Texas.

I texted the number from one of my many burners – and while I didn't get a response back when I asked for Casey, I got one relatively quickly when I mentioned the name Clover.

From experience, I knew it was far easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. I used whatever data I had accumulated throughout the evening to imply to Deschenes that I was a "friend" of Halos, and had seen the GoFundMe and was interested in donating to the bail but only if I could first verify that "Junie" was really in prison. I didn't want to get scammed while donating to a pedophile's bail bond, after all.

Deschenes eventually conceded and gave me the data I needed on the county of arrest that made it worlds easier for me to finally put a face to "Junie."

That face belonged to Canaan Jacob Kelley, arrested on October 24 in Tarrant County, Texas before ultimately being transferred to Potter County on October 27 on the charges of possession of child pornography. I was able to confirm his identity with Deschenes after tracking down the arrest records.

It was almost bittersweet, coming to the end of the trail that had strung me along for so many hours.

Finally putting a mugshot to the profile pic was an exercise in contrast if there ever was one – and gave me the occasional reminder I needed that those smug anime avatars were always as far away from reality as physically possible.

Of course, there was still Casey Deschenes. His Twitter profile, ostensibly the account @nekocapitalism, likewise had a number of disturbing posts and interactions which indicated he was no different than Kelley. While I was sure Police already had him on their radar, simply by virtue of having housed with a pedophile, I sent in a Cybertip report regardless alerting authorities to his page and identity.

But I wouldn't leave him hanging, either.

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