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Standing For Women Banned From Twitter

According to a Standing for Women spokesperson, the account is not managed by Kellie-Jay Keen, who was banned in 2018

Standing For Women Banned From Twitter

Standing for Women, a British grassroots organization focused on promoting a clear definition of the word "woman" was banned from Twitter on Monday. The group was founded by women's rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen (also known as "Posie Parker"), who was personally banned from Twitter in 2018.

The account is managed by @EcuadorianMum, who goes by "Iris," and is responsible for communications and social media at Standing for Women. According to a screenshot Iris posted on Monday morning, the @StandingforXX account was suspended by Twitter due to "violating our rules against ban evasion."

According to both Iris (who is not banned) and Keen, Iris is the sole manager of the account and Keen has not been active on Twitter since she was banned four years ago.

During a livestream on her Youtube channel, Keen stated, "I am not on Twitter. I haven't been on Twitter since 2018." She elaborated that she believes Twitter had banned her IP address entirely, and that no one in her house was able to create a Twitter account for a time.

In a statement posted to their website, Standing for Women announced that they plan to appeal the suspension.

Standing for Women is one of the largest pro-women organizations in the UK dedicated to upholding a sex-based definition of womanhood. Their slogan, "Woman: Adult human female" is popular on t-shirts, stickers, and billboards that can be found around the UK.

The day prior to Monday's ban, Standing for Women had attracted about 200 attendees to a free speech event in Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner. The gathering encouraged women to feel more confident speaking out for women's rights and against gender identity ideology.

At a recent Standing For Women event in Bristol on June 19, attendees were mobbed by trans activists who attempted to intimidate and silence the speakers. Standing for Women accused the police of failing to accurately respond to the threats and harassment, stating, "The police did not disperse the agitators and maintained that they could not guarantee our safety."

"No other group of people would be expected to bow so submissively to the whims of threatening aggressors," said Standing for Women in a press release. "Women know that the police would have worked harder to protect us if we had been men calling ourselves women, rather than the old fashioned adult human female variety."

Standing for Women can still be found on Facebook and their website, standingforwomen.com.

Update: On June 28, the @StandingforXX account was restored on Twitter. In an email to Iris, Twitter apologized for the mistake claiming it was made by an automated spam algorithm.

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