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Trans Health Authority Cites CASTRATION FETISH Site in Guidelines

Standards-setting global organization links to a disturbing site hosting written child pornography in its guidebook.

Trans Health Authority Cites CASTRATION FETISH Site in Guidelines

A global health body setting standards of care for transgender people is seeking to include men with castration fetishes under the transgender umbrella, and links to a disturbing site hosting written child pornography in its guidebook.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) released its newly-issued Standards of Care (SoC8) on December 2. The document details WPATH’s intention to include men who seek out castration, also known as eunuchs, as part of the transgender community.

But perhaps even more disturbingly, the guide also sources an online forum called The Eunuch Archives, which hosts a catalogue of disturbing fetish stories, some of which feature children.

According to the document's chapter:

“The greatest wealth of information about contemporary eunuch-identified people is found within the large on-line peer-support community that congregates on sites such as the Eunuch Archive (www.eunuch.org) which was established in 1998. The moderators of this site attempt to maintain both medical and historical accuracy in its discussion forums, although there is certainly misinformation there as well. The Fiction Archive, which is part of the Eunuch Archive, is neither medically nor historically accurate and is filled with fantasy.”

But what WPATH describes as "fantasy" could be more accurately described as castration fetish porn.

The content includes stories about violent rape, sadomasochism, and highly sexualized stories of young boys being castrated, or young boys castrating adult men in a fetishized fashion.

In one story, a 12 year old orphan boy in Italy is taken in by a man who propositions him for sexual "services" as he longs to be castrated. The man asks the child to sleep with him, and when the boy refuses, the man instead draws nude pictures of him.

The story goes on to describe the surgery to remove the boy’s testicles, followed by the child’s expressions of gratitude to the surgeon for mutilating him.

Another erotica story posted features a 15 year old boy systematically castrating adult men, who are referred to as “slaves” in shackles and chains. The adolescent character is described as “so young, and innocent,” “cute as hell,” and “not a full man yet.” The boy, with a “number of young helpers,” castrate and forcibly penetrate the "slaves" who struggle, scream, and resist.

There is an abundance of content related to the concept of forced castration posted to forums on the site. One of The Eunuch Archives’ regular participants shared a news article about the forced castrations performed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, an Indian religious leader who was convicted of the rape of two female followers in 2017 and involvement in the murder of a journalist. That year, The BBC reported how Guru Singh’s “rock star image” enabled him to convince as many as 400 followers to undergo castrations.

Commenters on The Eunuch Archives occasionally request erotica stories. In a thread on the archive's corresponding forum titled "Stories including animals," members of the forum discuss their furry fetish and pitch ideas for erotica that revolves around bestiality and animals castrating men.

Disturbingly, an administrator of The Eunuch Archives has been heavily involved in drafting WPATH’s new SoC for several years and has supported the view that the term "gender identity" should be expanded to "gender incongruence" to include those who participate in body modification.

Multiple posts he has made under the pseudonym "Jesus" suggest he has had close contact and perhaps even influence over the editing of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), and even this most recent WPATH Standards of Care document. "Jesus" claims to have been contacted by Eli Coleman, the former president of WPATH, to devise the guidelines set out in the updated SoC.

The President of WPATH is a trans-identified male named Marci Bowers, a surgeon and gynecologist who pioneered the penile inversion technique that is often referred to as "gender affirmation surgery." Bowers has conducted two genital surgeries on reality TV star Jazz Jennings. Jennings was socially transitioned beginning at the age of 5 and at 11 was placed on drugs to suppress puberty and hinder penile development. In a 2020 episode of I Am Jazz, while taking a photo of Jennings’ genitals, Bowers joked, “You could be a porn star for all the photos I’ve taken."

In 2008, a group of researchers from Canada and California collaborated on a research project on the topic of the male castration fetish and published their findings in a paper titled, A Passion for Castration: Characterizing Men Who Are Fascinated with Castration, but Have Not Been Castrated.

Over seven hundred individuals responded to a survey shared on The Eunuch Archive, describing their reasons for their "ambition toward eunuchdom".

According to the research, the majority (52%) of "wannabes" who fantasized about castration — whether chemical or surgical — selected sexual fantasy as their origin of interest in castration. The second most common origin of interest (27%) reported a desire to reduce an overactive libido. Several respondents wrote about becoming sexually aroused when witnessing animal castration.

"For some, castration was a very important first step toward an MtF transition," the study's authors noted. "Some claim to have been properly diagnosed with a GID by professionals, but others were self-diagnosed. As MtF transsexuals, they sought to rid their bodies of unwanted testosterone, with or without supplemental estrogen to further their transition.

One respondent wrote of his desire for 'becoming 'it'—a submissive guy without sex drive.' More common was the slave metaphor, 'as a slave it would allow a greater focus on serving the pleasure of the Master.'"

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