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Trans Toddler? Mother Says Her Child 'Came Out' at 2 YEARS OLD

Trans Toddler? Mother Says Her Child 'Came Out' at 2 YEARS OLD

A mother has penned an essay for Inside outlining how she is helping her biologically female child transition to a boy.

Published on September 22nd, the article, titled My Toddler Came Out As Trans At Age 4, is written by an anonymous mother who outlines her trials and tribulations following what she describes as her toddler's decision to transition.

The mother states her daughter had actually come out as a boy before she had even turned 2 years old, but she began to affirm the child's desired pronouns at 4.

My son started telling me he was a boy a few months before he turned 2. We started using his affirmed pronouns around age 4 — it took some time for our language to catch up with our hearts.

Despite the assuredness the parent has about her toddler's gender identity, she describes only a single incident with her daughter she interpreted as a symptom of gender dysphoria – the girl requesting a short haircut at around age 3 in the style of one of her older male cousins.

"I don't want this hair," my almost 3-year-old told me. When asked what haircut he'd like, my toddler enthusiastically said he wanted hair like his older cousin Will. I was hesitant to charge down this path. I redirected. I asked if he wanted a girl bob instead. It was quickly rejected.

The mother goes on to note that she then gave her child pictures of "little boy" haircuts, which the toddler liked much better than the "girl" haircuts she had suggested. She says there was "joy and validation evident" in her 3 year old's expression when given the option for shorter hair.

No other examples are provided, though the mother does state that after the haircut incident, she began dressing her child in "boy" clothes and helping her stand to urinate.

Interestingly, while the writer has no problem refering to herself as a mother in the article, the Editor's Note found at the bottom of the piece uses gender neutral pronouns for her, perhaps suggesting the mother herself identifies as non-binary.

This article comes on the heels of another story about a transitioning toddler from the United Kingdom. In late August, mother Jess Bratton spoke to media about how her then-3 year old son had attempted to mutilate his genitals, and she had soon after begun to look into whether or not the child was trans. Bratton asserts her son requested a surgical sex change at just 6 years old.

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