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AUS: Violent Male Pedophile Spotted on Lesbian Dating App

Brandy Lee Gwyer, a biological male, had previously been arrested after going on a knife rampage.

AUS: Violent Male Pedophile Spotted on Lesbian Dating App

Editor's Note: This article contains a disturbing social media post detailing explicit references to child sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

In what is apparently becoming a more common occurrence, some trans-identified males are being spotted on what is meant to be an app exclusively for use by women. But when Australian Twitter user @shehersona took to her platform to alert others to her findings, she likely didn't expect to discover that one of the men she'd seen the profile of was a known violent criminal, racist, and pedophile.

Last week, Twitter user @shehersona tweeted out screenshots of four profiles from obvious males using the women-centred app HER. The app is geared for use by lesbians, and provides searchable dating profiles in a similar fashion to Tinder and Bumble.

Quickly after, other twitter users began alerting to her to the fact that one of the profiles belonged to a violent criminal and admitted pedophile, and urged her to report the profile or contact the police if she could.

Brandy Lee Gwyer, a biological male, had previously been arrested as recently as October of 2019 after going on a knife rampage on Hindley Street in Adelaide, Australia. Gwyer was tased and dropped by police after terrorizing patrons at the businesses along the street, ranting threats at them while wielding a large knife.

But this is hardly the only disturbing facet of Gwyer's history.

Gwyer is known for going on unhinged social media rants, including lashing out at Sky News Australia for "misgendering" him, suggesting all people of color were "homophobic," using racial slurs, and claiming the 2019 knife-wielding incident was self-defense against transphobia.

Another Twitter user, @frowniefac3, was quick to publicize that Gwyer had promoted child sexual abuse on his Facebook, where he wrote an extended post condemning the belief that pedophiles were rapists, while stating he didn't "get off on penetrating kids," and explicitly describing other ways he preferred to molest them instead.

"I fu*king hate how everyone AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMES that ALL pedo's are "rapist" ...just because MOST ARE!!!... get fucked a**holez... I just love to hug & sleep with them... wow big fu*king deal... I never said I'd fu*k kidz in the a**, I'd rather them rub there vag*na on my a**hole... but I hate penetration, it hurts, I "don't know" how anyone gets pleasure out of pain, stupid logic... It haz very little to do with the law... more to do wit I "dont" want them to be in pain... just because MOST pedo's are nasty people DONT fu*king MEAN I AM you stupid c*nts!!!"

The original Twitter user who sparked the wildfire of concern, @shehersona, told 4W it was too late to report Brandy's profile to HER by the time she became aware of his disturbing history, noting that the app didn't allow users to go back and report profiles once they'd been passed over.

"Pretty unhinged that a random male on HER I screenshotted turned out to be a violent criminal." She said, noting the population in her area was quite small, and yet not only had she found a number of males calling themselves "lesbians" – but a criminal and pedophile amongst them.

As of Monday, HER has yet to respond to any of the dozens of Twitter users who have called them out for putting their female users in danger by allowing males to utilize their application as "lesbians."

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