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My Decade in Feminism

A snapshot of the life of a millennial woman

My Decade in Feminism

This is a brief timeline of some of the events that have shaped me and my feminist advocacy over the past ten years.

Content Warning: sexual assault, suicide


Graduated from high school while in an abusive relationship.

Coerced to have sex with a man many years older than me.


Had my first abortion.


Second abortion.

Volunteered at my first women’s center.

Fell in love with a woman for the first time, came out as bisexual.


Recovery from mental illness and addiction.

Sexually assaulted by a friend at a party.


Read Andrea Dworkin and Sheila Jeffreys for the first time.

Raped by my ex.


My mom commits suicide to escape an abusive relationship.

Learned about the dairy and egg industries — go vegan.


Met Alex, my partner.

Did a bunch of animal activism together.


Co-found animal rights organization centered on radical feminist principles.

Learned to code.


Rescue over 26 animals from slaughterhouses and abusive situations.

Kicked out of our home, organization, and physically assaulted. No one cared because I was labeled a "TERF".

Got my first job in tech.


Fired from software engineer job for writing about feminism.

Create my own spaces for feminist tech and writing.

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